I haven't experienced an extended cold spell like what we are experiencing here in Michigan in a long time. It's been 10 days of temps below 20f (-7c) and mostly below 10f (-12c). Of course wind chills were below 0f (-18c) quite often. We won't see a break until Monday at the earliest brrrr I only braved the cold temps twice the whole time of my holiday break :( This was one of those times...don't let the sunshine fool you, it was damn cold LOL


defimage2222: Fantastic picture Jerry.I'VE been following the U.S..forecast..,unprecedented chill's m8..,this image looks frozen in time.#cold steel 😎.

Posted: 2018 Jan 3 3:50:07 PM

jerry0522: Yeah, its been a dozzy of a winter so far and its just early January :D I think #cold steel is perfect for this image Dee :) Thanks

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 5:17:54 PM

sabina 32764: Ohh..... Stay well..... Warm n safe.... It's cold here too..... 😍

Posted: 2018 Jan 3 4:20:42 PM

jerry0522: Tell me how cold it is Sabina :) Thanks and I hope you stay warm too!!!

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 5:18:32 PM

charmychelle: Every time I think of the cold over here, I remember you and everyone else in the East side and Canada who have to go through a lot worse, it’s much milder here compared with you! 😯 I’m sure it looks stunning outside so it really must s.uck that it’s too cold to spend so long out shooting...😞 Even this sculpture looks cold haha but it still looks amazing, wonderful shot! πŸ‘πŸ‘ Take care out there and stay warm!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Posted: 2018 Jan 3 4:42:39 PM

jerry0522: It's all what you are used to Michelle :) I'm used to cold but it hasn't been like this for many years. You are right...there are some great pictures to be had out there but when your fingers freeze in a matter of seconds it makes it difficult...us photographers need out fingers LOL Thanks :)

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 5:21:27 PM

kyle1337: Indeed it has been awhile! I have been freezing this whole time and now I'm getting a cold! (sigh) brrr... ❄⛄

Posted: 2018 Jan 3 5:06:42 PM

jerry0522: Yeah, Its been a hell of a start to the winter...and its just early January!

Posted: 2018 Jan 3 7:20:39 PM

hogman72664 or david: What about stunning photo. Love the sculpture. Love the colours but it really doesn't give the impression of being warmer than damned freezing. Think I would try hibernating in such conditions. Glad to view it through you and your lens though. Stay warm, stay safe .

Posted: 2018 Jan 3 5:18:40 PM

jerry0522: It really is a great sculpture and works well in a winter scene. Hibernating sounds like a great idea haha Thanks David :)

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 5:22:29 PM

stefpics2: Awesome sculpture ! :)

Posted: 2018 Jan 3 6:13:38 PM

jerry0522: I think I have shared this one before...not positive though :)

Posted: 2018 Jan 3 7:19:52 PM

buzohippo: Hahaha, then you better never go to Siberia 😜 Great photo!

Posted: 2018 Jan 3 7:03:01 PM

jerry0522: Not in my plans anytime soon hahaha I would much rather head south than north :D Florida sounds just about right :):)

Posted: 2018 Jan 3 7:19:23 PM

mariacarmen: From so cold is creature froze😨,poor😦, I saw the images of the Niagara falls, wou!!! is awesome !!, good, you have those muscles to withstand the coldπŸ’ͺ😜

Posted: 2018 Jan 3 11:11:52 PM

jerry0522: Oh wow I seen those pics of Niagara Falls too, so cool! Wish I could be there to photograph it :) My muscles do help me make it through the deep snow drifts hahaha Thank you my friend!!!

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 5:24:39 PM

pini72164: Wowww how amazing picture it is πŸ‘πŸ†’ just..βœ”

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 6:29:10 AM

jerry0522: Hi Pini, thank you very much for your comment! I hope you are well :):)

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 5:25:20 PM

ruchita_b_: Amazing... πŸ’™

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 1:32:20 PM

jerry0522: We have very different fish over here hahaha Thanks Ruchita!

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 5:25:49 PM

soderhol: You catched rather big one

Posted: 2018 Jan 5 10:39:21 AM

jerry0522: Haha yes we have some BIG fish in Michigan!!!

Posted: 2018 Jan 5 2:07:20 PM

Posted: 2018/01/03

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