One more snowy scene from Hebden Bridge,29122017...,Still got loads to do on the home front,trawling through paper work and legal matters,getting there slowly..,just a few loose ends to tie up...,mainly regarding marks welfare...,hope to catch up soon 😊


robert m jacob: I'm so jealous

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 3:16:37 PM

defimage2222: Nowt to be jealous of here rob...,it only lasted one day...,then it was back to the usual,mirk,and grime.πŸ˜‰

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 6:08:32 PM

mariacarmen: Great editπŸ‘the place looks amazing of this way❄❄❄, it's so nice enjoy your pics again πŸ‘have a beautiful weekend with Markβ€β„β€πŸ‘‹saludos!!

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 3:36:17 PM

defimage2222: So glad to hear that Maria ,thankyou..,this snow only lasted one day..,i might have one more to post βœ‰

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 6:10:20 PM
defimage2222: Mark is ok πŸ‘Œ..,I'll try to post a picture of him soon..,I'm feeling his grief as well as trying to deal with mine..,but we're ok ..,

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 6:12:40 PM
defimage2222: It's all going to take time...,and we are both looking forward to the spring and summer πŸŽ†...,

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 6:13:39 PM
defimage2222: Then more photography will appear from other we plan to travel 😊 x

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 6:15:05 PM

buzohippo: Beautiful lane. Be back as soon as you can, Dee 😊

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 4:10:56 PM

defimage2222: I will Maria...,thankyou so much...,our snow lasted just about as long as yours did..,

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 6:16:47 PM
defimage2222: Here one minute...,and gone the next..,Thanks again 😊 xx

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 6:17:44 PM

_alessandro_: Wow!!! Amazing masterpiece dear Dee!!!😍😍😍 I love so much this Wonderful place!!! Lovely atmosphere!!! Great work Dee!!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 8:15:04 PM

charmychelle: It’s a beautiful scene and as I’ve hinted before, I love this mass of traditional buildings on show, also the edit makes me feel as though I’ve gone back in time, I just love it! πŸ‘ Wish you all the best and see you soon, and you and Mark Anthony have a great weekend! xxx

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 8:33:29 PM

bigfarmer: I so very much love these pictures of yours Dee! Focus on the things you have to do Dee. Say hello to Mark!

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 9:03:03 PM

ttomzz: ...huggs to Mark, and I'm glad most of it is taken care of!!! Get some rest mate...(fine shotZ) 😎

Posted: 2018 Jan 13 3:45:37 AM

Posted: 2018/01/12

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