We had a bit a wind the other day. Above some bicycle sheds. A part is missing. Below and on the other side of the fence(!) the missing part. Just an example of some of the damage.

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_alessandro_: What a mess! Central Europe is lashed by strong and cold winds! Truly a phenomenon that we will have to get used to for years to come.

Posted: 2018 Jan 20 7:11:48 AM

bigfarmer: You are quite right Alessandro. Fortunately I live in a house that was built by old standards, meaning thourough :-)

Posted: 2018 Jan 24 11:02:20 PM

buzohippo: Crappy weather. Hope you are safe and not injured!

Posted: 2018 Jan 20 9:07:30 AM

bigfarmer: Just some rattling of the roof tiles but that's all. Thanks for your concern Maria!

Posted: 2018 Jan 24 11:03:15 PM

_marisol: Just heard that two people deceased during the storm in Holland 😢 Bloody storm...must have been one hell of a storm!

Posted: 2018 Jan 20 12:24:36 PM

bigfarmer: One of them in my town Enschede. I can only remember on occasion that it was worse and that was 40 years ago.

Posted: 2018 Jan 24 11:05:33 PM

stefpics2: Saw footage of the storm on twitter. I think it was worse than over here

Posted: 2018 Jan 20 8:02:08 PM

bigfarmer: On TV they mention the storm of 1998 as just as strong and I think felt wind only stronger when I was twelve. That blew windows out of houses but was very local. Like Alessandro says I guess this will be more common in future.

Posted: 2018 Jan 24 11:07:33 PM
stefpics2: I agree with Alessandro. I think we'll have more of these due to global warming

Posted: 2018 Jan 25 6:12:17 PM

karin :): oh oh...

Posted: 2018 Jan 20 9:33:13 PM

bigfarmer: Moet bij jullie ook behoorlijk zijn geweest, maar ik moet zeggen dat ik dit op een bepaalde manier wel grappig vond. Ik kwam uit een gebouw en dacht echt "Hé, ik mis wat" en zag pas tien meter verderop dat fietshokje liggen :-)

Posted: 2018 Jan 24 11:10:05 PM

Posted: 2018/01/19

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