🌅good❄morning☀friends☺ one of my first image in this new jear it's taken from my house it was a cold and foggy early morning... Have a great☀Sunday ☺☺☺


_alessandro_: Good morning dear Fredy! Congratulations for this beautiful photo! I like so much this atmosphere! Have a nice Sunday and a great week!!!

Posted: 2018 Jan 21 10:45:45 AM

_fredy: WoW...glad you liked :)) Thank you very much my dear friend!!! Have a nice peaceful Sunday evening and a great start of the week!!! 8-))

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 8:06:47 PM

hogman72664 or david: This is so beautiful Fredy. I can feel the stillness and quiet atmosphere. A very calming and serene shot :-)

Posted: 2018 Jan 21 12:21:53 PM

_fredy: Glad you liked this image David!!! Thanks for your wonderfull support - really appreciate 🙏!!! Have a nice peaceful Sunday evening and tomorrow

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 7:55:18 PM
_fredy: ...great start of the week!!! :))

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 7:56:14 PM

charmychelle: Good afternoon Fredy, I love this misty atmosphere and the hue, it’s so beautiful! 😍Unfortunately it’s very dull, grey and rainy here today, very uninspiring for photography! Never mind, I can just enjoy looking at your images! 😉👍👍

Posted: 2018 Jan 21 1:23:54 PM

_fredy: I'm very happy when you enjoy in life. You deserve that,my dear friend!And it's nice in my heart to add to that with my picture or my word.☺ Thanks🌹

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 7:07:56 PM
_fredy: I've been wondering for a long time, but always forget to ask,hehe - in which city in England you live? I live in little village near little city Podčetrek. The place is known for its excellent terms 'Olimia thermal spa' and on the third oldest pharmacy in Europe - the first one is in Paris and the other in Dubrovnik. :) Ciao ;-)

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 7:36:55 PM
charmychelle: Hi Fredy, I live just outside a small but expanding town called Stafford which is about 30-45 mins (by train) north of Birmingham. You might have heard of Birmingham as it’s the second city, after London. But you might not have heard of Stafford. That’s roughly in the centre of England if you look at it on a map. Stafford has seen many changes, a few of them unwelcome. But some landmarks still exist, like the Shire Hall building that I’ve posted before. 😊 I will surely look for Podčetrek and its surroundings on a map/book, it sounds an interesting place! 😄👍 Thanks for your generous words my friend, have a great week! 🙌💖🙌

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 9:17:30 PM
_fredy: ...😁sorry, I forgot the letter t...Podčetrtek... lies right next to the border with Croatia ☺

Posted: 2018 Feb 19 1:43:33 AM

mariacarmen: Good morning, Fredy 😈where are you!!.. Woke up, woke up😴you live near of this place?.. It's impressive 😨cold but very beautiful, really beautiful 😍Have a warm and funny Sunday, well funny you are always😜grettings from my warm ground👣🌵🌞😎🍹🌵

Posted: 2018 Jan 21 1:47:45 PM

_fredy: Hello City🌆Carmen😈...sorry for late reply...now I'm awake,haha😃 here is a really winter atmosphere with little snowfall almost every day ⛄ ❄...

Posted: 2018 Feb 20 8:48:20 PM
_fredy: ...so you're warm☀☀☀greetings from Mexico🌵 are very welcome!!!🙌🙌 Gracias 🌺🌼🌻mi cálida Amiga☀Latina!!!⛄⛄⛄

Posted: 2018 Feb 20 8:57:10 PM

qnie: Very nice. Looks cool in more than one way.

Posted: 2018 Jan 21 4:09:21 PM

_fredy: Hello 🙋 Qnie!!! Thanks 🌹🌹🌹 Greetings to beautiful Finland from Slovenia♡💙💖⛄

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 8:10:26 PM

sabina 32764: That is good morning... Awesome...

Posted: 2018 Jan 22 3:53:03 AM

_fredy: It really was😍... Hi ⛄ Sabina!!! Thank you very much for your kind support!!!🌹🌹🌹 Have a great and successful week!!! ✨💖✨ Greetings to Nepal from Slovenia ♡💙💖

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 8:17:50 PM

pini72164: WOW 😲

Posted: 2018 Jan 22 9:43:52 AM

_fredy: Hiii 🙋 Momo! Good 🌅 morning ☀ my💙dear💚friend!!!🙌 Hope you are good and And it's a nice and successful week for you!☺☺☺ Thanks 🍒🍭🍓 Greetings to

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 9:51:51 PM
_fredy: ...beautiful Tokio 🌆 from Slovenia ♡💙💖❄⛄❄

Posted: 2018 Feb 18 9:55:25 PM

saeed :): 😍👌

Posted: 2018 Sep 20 5:43:05 AM

Posted: 2018/01/21

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