I'll upload a BW version of it after this. Can anyone tell which is better? If both are bad how thay can be improved? #city #sky #night


_marisol: Well, now that you ask, I think more details would be a thing. These both versions are perhaps a little too underexposed. I would have added a bit more shutter speed, and of course, took several versions to see which of them would work best. Not saying they're bad, they have their own mood 😃

Posted: 2018 Jan 23 4:42:10 AM

_marisol: Dammit, ...would be a great thing I meant to say.

Posted: 2018 Jan 23 4:43:13 AM
_marisol: addition; took several versions with different settings.

Posted: 2018 Jan 23 4:45:16 AM
rud15662864: Thanks. Will remember that next time.

Posted: 2018 Jan 23 4:56:06 AM
_marisol: Denada 💜

Posted: 2018 Jan 23 2:29:26 PM

jerry0522: I agree with Marisiol, your shutter speed is too fast to properly exposed for the dark areas. Now maybe that is how you wanted it to look and that is an artistic choice. My preference would be to have some detail in between the bright spots. You will need to be on a tripod and you will need to slow your shutter down from where you shot this. You should be exposing for multiple seconds depending on your ISO and Aperture settings :):) Practice makes perfect!!!

Posted: 2018 Jan 23 2:36:37 PM

rud15662864: Thanks a ton. Will keep it in mind

Posted: 2018 Jan 23 5:45:41 PM

Posted: 2018/01/23

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