Previous times snow #melted too fast though this time seems it will last a but longer. Outside is -14°C 😨 My hands got cold but I do love this scene. I showed you this spot in Summer and back then all was green and warm 😂 #smfc


_marisol: Nice lil creek you got right there. Hehe, we had now +-0, but tomorrow +7. A few days back we had -12. Really nice capture. Have a nice day 💜❄❄❄

Posted: 2018 Jan 24 10:25:36 AM

buzohippo: There is a bridge over this creek but the pipes are just under it, so it's absolutely not photogenic. And as for another bridge which I too posted in Summer I couldn't go as it's down the slippery road. Thanks, Marisol 💖

Posted: 2018 Jan 24 5:50:42 PM

_alessandro_: Amazing photo dear Masha!!! Lovely place!!!😍😍😍👌

Posted: 2018 Jan 24 12:31:12 PM

buzohippo: Yes, I love this place a lot. Glad you like it too 😊 Thanks, Alessandro 😊

Posted: 2018 Jan 24 5:51:11 PM

jerry0522: I can relate to the cold hands...I think its even harder to shoot with a phone camera out in the cold. My phone is impossible to work without taking off my gloves but I can do limited functions on my big camera :) Either way you are going to get cold in those low temperatures. They need a camera that can read your mind :o) Beautiful stream!!!

Posted: 2018 Jan 24 1:52:08 PM

buzohippo: There are special gloves for phone screens but mine are not for cold weather and don't work very well. As for the screen of S7 today I learned it works with wet gloves 🤣 In general it is waterproof and it's a miracle as I can touch it with wet hands and it works fine! And as for cold hands I decided that good capture is worth it though would love to push the button with a thought 😆🤣 Thank you Jerry for understanding 😉

Posted: 2018 Jan 24 5:53:56 PM

stefpics2: It's +15°C here

Posted: 2018 Jan 24 7:42:23 PM

buzohippo: We still have -10°C 😖🙈

Posted: 2018 Jan 25 8:46:50 AM

phonecompat06: Ffffgg

Posted: 2018 Feb 1 6:28:58 AM

phonecompat06: Bbl lhh

Posted: 2018 Feb 1 6:29:12 AM

Posted: 2018/01/24

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