I didn´t plan on sharing anything today but I want to wish everyone a super fantastic weekend! 💗💗💗 🙋‍♀️ This is a super crisp picture taken on my Honor Huawei. I gave a ride to my friend at the central railway station and took a few pics at the same time. I wanna see how the sharpness of that metal structure above the platforms turns out in this image. If it looks terrible, I´ll remove the picture, hope I don´t have to go there...if you zoom in from the left, you can see the Ferris wheel, it´s quite far away, about a mile. The focal length is 2.79mm & f2.0 + ISO 50. Happy Friday-night! 👩‍👧


gary22: You to gorgeous ❤

Posted: 2018 Jan 26 7:47:08 PM

_marisol: Thanks. Early morning here 6:30, a cup of coffee and then out for a jog 💪

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 4:30:32 AM

_alessandro_: Buona sera Mari! Complimenti per questo straordinario lavoro! Colori e edit strabilianti!!! Bravissima Mari come sempre! Ti auguro un buon weekend a te e alla tua famiglia! Besitos e abrazos!!!🤗👋👋👋

Posted: 2018 Jan 26 7:50:03 PM

_marisol: Buenas tardes! La foto è abbastanza nitida? O vuoi di più? 😀 Ho ancora un po '...,Grazie davvero per le tue belle parole! Cosa stai facendo adesso? Stai chattando con il dottor Jimmie? 😁😁 Sul tuo futuro nel mondo delle tecniche robotiche? Prima prendono il nostro lavoro, allora voglione di più...donne, bambini. Scusa, ho guardo la scorsa notte un film di fantascienza piuttosto scadente. Pasa un buen día...sin los robots 🤖 Sandrita e Marisolita, noi ragazze ti manderemo i saluti! 👩‍👧 💞

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 2:26:43 PM
_alessandro_: Buenas tardes Mari! Cosa faccio adesso? Faccio compagnia a mia suocera, Valentina aveva un impegno, e così oggi tocca a me, la badante oggi ha la giornata libera! Sai com'è, i nostri genitori un tempo ci hanno sempre aiutato con i figli e oggi tocca a noi aiutare loro... Ti auguro un buon weekend cara amica!👋👋👋

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 3:37:02 PM
_marisol: Oh sí! Mia mamma aiuta sempre con Sandra, lei è sempre così felice quando può stare con Sandra. ma è chiaro che nel tempo è il mio turno di aiutare mia madre, e non sarà un problema per me. Auguro una buona serata a te e a tua suocera! Trascorrere una serata divertente insieme 🌺🌸💗

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 6:05:15 PM
_alessandro_: Divertente?😂😂😂😖🤔Buona serata a voi ragazze!!!😂😂😂👏👏👏

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 6:16:54 PM

stefpics2: That's quite a coloursplash ! Have a

Posted: 2018 Jan 26 10:18:52 PM

stefpics2: ...great weekend ! :)

Posted: 2018 Jan 26 10:19:18 PM

_marisol: Yes, it is. The original colours in the Huawei camera are quite...hmm, lukewarm which is good because it provides space for colour editing. If you edit the image in Snapseed, the colours are not too intense, sure you can add more intensity if you like. But I kinda double edit this, first with Snapseed, then I transferred the pic into my laptop, loaded it in Topaz Studio and I used the 'City Lights' preset that emphasizes colours and light. Thank you and have a peaceful Saturday :)

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 2:40:37 PM

andy-w: Nice detail... Was this shot through a glass window?

Posted: 2018 Jan 26 11:33:21 PM

_marisol: I stood outside in front of the platforms. It´s edited with Snapseed, then transferred to my laptop and further to the Topaz Studio. Topaz has a preset called 'city lights' that I used. It emphasizes colours and light. I think it has emphasized a bit too much the green double decker train on the right...which is actually my friend's train. Think I should have used the version without Topaz, I´m pretty pleased with the details though. Thank you :)

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 3:24:30 PM
andy-w: Oh I see... The only reason I asked is that I noticed some light streaks on the support posts of the station roof and at the edges of the frame

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 4:24:21 PM
_marisol: Aah, I was pretty sure that you asked because of those light streaks...if you look at the fence on the right between those two trains, some of them come along the ground, just like under the fence. I think you paid attention to this, and the green train. One option would´ve been to edit this without using a simulated hdr. The end result would have been clearer.

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 5:45:15 PM

ttomzz: ...nice work, M'lady!!! 😎

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 2:04:47 AM

_marisol: If you´re gonna buy a new phone, there are some other nice Honor/Huawei models with low prices. Before I purchased my P9+, I was using Honor P8, they have a P8 Lite version too, it´s a bit cheaper. The price quality ratio on this phone is excellent. I really liked its camera, can´t see the major differences from my current model. The price of P8 is here around 90-100€, that is about 110-125$, but it can be cheaper in the US, our VAT is higher from yours...our IRS is a bloody exploiter 👿 ThanXx, and have a nice Saturday!! 👩‍👧

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 3:47:00 PM

hogman72664 or david: Stunning details and colours. You've got one hell of a phone there. Which model is it, I'm looking to replace mine in April, can't get on with Microsoft version of Lumia. Come back Nokia. Hope you have a great weekend as well :-)

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 10:44:17 AM

_marisol: My current model is P9+, but a year ago I was using the model P8. It´s a cheaper model than P9+, as for the image quality, can´t see any major differences from my current model, though P9+ has a double camera system, it kinda like connects both cameras, front cam & back cam, it´s a bit hard to explain, google it if you wanna know more. But the best thing is the price and the image quality. P7 and P8 costs about 80-100€ today. Excellent value for your money! And my Honor (Android) never crashes, no bugs...works like a Swiss clock. Actually Nokia has come back, one of my jogging route goes pass their office building. They released some models last year, such as Nokia 5, Nokia 6 4G 32GB, Nokia 8 (premium model), Nokia 3 16GB (eco model, 149€) and some other models. Been thinking to buy Nokia 6 (229€), now they´re using Android. MS was a massive disaster for Nokia, but they managed to sell the phone department to Microsoft for 5.7 billion $...haha, Microsoft screwed up everything and ruined all the phones with W10. Now the 3rd party owns the phones. It was an astronomical defeat for MS, I don´t feel sorry for them, they got what they deserved. A lesson. Glad you like this, edited first with Snapseed on my phone, then Topaz Studio in my laptop. Have a serene Saturday! Thanks :)

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 4:19:43 PM

mokorh: Nice photo Mari ... hope have great weekend 🌷👍

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 11:37:45 AM

_marisol: You have a great weekend too. You certainly know this place as the buses come and go on both side of the station, Eliel-Square and Rautatientori. Not my favorite area to spend time...have a serene Saturday 🙋‍♀️ 🌺

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 5:23:24 PM

bluehair31464: a great weekend to you! gorgeous shot!

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 5:17:21 PM

_marisol: Thank you so much! I really was curious to see what sharpness looks on the structures that covers the platforms. Looks just fine on my laptop screen, perhaps a little too crisp on the phone screen, not quite sure...Have a great weekend you too! 🙋‍♀️🌸

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 5:29:22 PM

mokorh: Tänään ilta päivää olin seikkailu keskusta ja shoppaile ... oli kiva seikkailu ei töissä 😀😂

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 5:28:23 PM

_marisol: Aah, mahtavaa! Mäkin olin shoppailemassa tulevaa matkaa varten. Piti ostaa isompi matkalaukku et mun jalusta sopii mukaan, mä muuten pulassa ilman sitä. Kiva että on välillä vapaapäiviä, eihän sitä muuten jaksa. Hauskaa illanjatkoa! 😊

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 5:32:52 PM

mokorh: Mulla pitkä aika en ole keskusta .. tuntu kun turisti henkilö 😂 ja arki päivä aina töissä ja viikonloppu yritän nukkumaan että jaksa seuraava työ viikko .. ja kohta talvi loma ja ajatus matka ... mutta ei vielä päättä Mika suunta 😀 Mutta kiito Mari ja toivottavasti hauska matka teille ja hauska lauantaina ilta 🌷🌷

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 5:50:54 PM

_marisol: Kiitos paljon! Toivon todella, että talvilomalla pääset jonnekin kivaan paikkaan matkalle. Olet palveluammatissa joka lienee kohtuu raskasta työtä, joten ehdottomasti ansaitset matkan! Mukavaa lauantai-iltaa 🙋‍♂️

Posted: 2018 Jan 27 6:14:04 PM

tthomas311: 😎👏🏼

Posted: 2018 Jan 28 12:27:44 PM

_marisol: 🙋‍♀️💗

Posted: 2018 Jan 31 6:56:33 AM

lowgonlowpaw: Love you're editing it brings the picture to life beautiful.😘

Posted: 2018 Jan 28 5:27:59 PM

_marisol: It´s a simulated hdr edit. I have another version with no hdr effect and it´s much clearer and the details stand out better. Not sure why I posted this...maybe because I was playing with Topaz Studio and you´ll get hooked on it pretty easily. Topaz have pretty cool and fun stuff, though you have pay for it...no pay no game. This is our main railway station...not my favor area, all kinds of crowds all around the world are hanging around the station. Guess it´s a universal problem. Railway station = a trouble magnet. If you ask me, only train passengers should be allowed enter the area. Thanks a lot mate! 😏

Posted: 2018 Jan 31 7:16:08 AM

puma.luca: Buona settimana Marisol!! Come stai? Complimenti per questo lavoro, eccezionale !! Avrei dato più contrasto alla foto!!! Ahahah scherzo!!!!

Posted: 2018 Jan 31 2:04:52 AM

_marisol: Holaaa...de nuevo! Sto bene...tutto bene, lunedì prossimo sarò a Las Palmas, quindi non posso lamentarmi! 😀 Aah...più contrasto?? Bhe...ho un'altra versione che è molto più chiara e ha più contrasto, ma ancora ho condiviso questo, e sai perché? Perché ha Topaz tocco magico! Ahah! Si, ho finito le modifiche con Topaz Studio, ho usato un preset chiamato 'city flares'. Il pre-impostato evidenzia molto fortemente i colori e le luci...che trovo bene per questa immagine. Ho fatto questo 'colour splash' di proposito. Ma grazie mille, il tuo feedback è sempre il benvenuto! Trascorrere una splendida giornata! Abbracci! 🌸

Posted: 2018 Jan 31 7:44:38 AM

puma.luca: Sono programmi fatti per sperimentare e cercare l' impostazione piú convincente!Buona vacanza e rilassati!Prendi tanto sole, fai il bagno e tante foto😊

Posted: 2018 Feb 1 12:33:06 PM

zim: Bella foto Marisol!

Posted: 2018 Feb 17 12:56:18 PM

Posted: 2018/01/26

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