Overlooking the city from Red Rocks Amphitheatre. That huge bank of clouds kept a proper sunrise from happening so I'll have to try another day. Feb 3, 2018


_marisol: HI Al. This is a very powerful image, mainly because of that huge bank of clouds but it's beautiful too. I'm truly sorry, I didn't manage to find time enough for editing your picture before my trip. Been packing and packing, need to care about everything because Sandra is going with us. I certainly will do it after my trip, it's an amazingly beautiful image. Hope the spring arrives early, traveling is just wonderful. 30 hours to our plane departure, can't wait! Wish you a fantastic Sunday 😃

Posted: 2018 Feb 4 10:27:04 AM

cameraal: I know that feeling of travel anticipation..enjoy your trip, have fun and take many photos so we all can experience your travels!

Posted: 2018 Feb 4 5:32:11 PM

charmychelle: It makes an intriguing sight, nonetheless! 😄 Wonderful pano! 😎👍👍

Posted: 2018 Feb 4 11:40:49 AM

cameraal: It was..just as intriguing as all the folks that arrived to just sit on the steps or that were thete to fun the steps..an interesting time was had as I had several conversations with the varied persons that were there for the sunrise that wasn't! A good morning for me! 😊

Posted: 2018 Feb 4 5:37:12 PM
cameraal: oops..that were there to RUN the steps..😀

Posted: 2018 Feb 4 5:38:09 PM

pini72164: Wow

Posted: 2018 Feb 6 3:29:10 PM

cameraal: Thank you pini..good to see you back!

Posted: 2018 Feb 6 7:42:35 PM

_alessandro_: Amazing photo and view!!!!😍😍😍

Posted: 2018 Feb 11 2:42:36 PM

cameraal: Thank you...my first visit to this amazing place!

Posted: 2018 Feb 11 6:18:14 PM

Posted: 2018/02/04

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