Hey ! ,I'm Ok ,because my Daddy has me wrapped up for the Day 😊.., Mark Anthony..,keeping warm..under the winter of 2018...,πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ x.


_alessandro_: Hey Mark Anthony, I'm so happy to see you !!! Cover yourself well, because this winter is so cold and rainy! What a beautiful jacket with fur, it looks fashionable! Congratulations for the beautiful smile! I send you a big hug from Italy and I hope to see you soon! A hug to your dad too! Ciaooo!πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ’“πŸ™Œ

Posted: 2018 Feb 9 1:06:23 AM

defimage2222: Thanks for that Alessandro.Mark and myself have been so busy recently sorting things out and trying to adjust to life..,be back soon 😊.

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 2:53:27 PM

ttomzz: ...Hey Sir Marcus, that's one fine jacket...and I'm glad too see you!!!πŸ™ˆ (and hear from your Dad) 😎

Posted: 2018 Feb 9 1:57:36 AM

defimage2222: Hey ttomzz..,great to hear from you.Yeah marks coat is a 1960s fishtail parker..,the sort of thing the MODS..used to wear back in the day..,

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 2:55:59 PM
defimage2222: Haha..,I was more of a Rocker though..,I'll try and catch up soon 😊.

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 2:57:40 PM

_fredy: Hey Mark...you look like a big happy bear🐻 in this warm jacket...say HelloπŸ™‹to your dad.. Have❀both together a great Friday and Saturday and Sunday...

Posted: 2018 Feb 9 3:00:20 AM

defimage2222: Cheers for that fredy...,and your right..,mark is like a big cuddly bear 🐻.He's been an absolute diamond fredy πŸ’Ž ♦ πŸ‘

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 3:02:17 PM

sabina 32764: πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

Posted: 2018 Feb 9 4:33:29 AM

defimage2222: πŸ™‹πŸ˜Ž xx.

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 3:03:02 PM

mariacarmen: Hola holaπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹, Dear Mark, I'm so happy to see you, you looks amazing with that jacket😎😍.. Many thanks to give us that beautiful smile,πŸ‘ 😁kepping warm and care to dad, hugs from your friend la mexicana😘❀

Posted: 2018 Feb 9 4:52:23 AM

defimage2222: Hi Maria.Just thought I'd post a recent picture of our mark..,and to let you know we are both fine...,

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 3:05:28 PM
defimage2222: U.k weather has been pretty miserable recently..,can't wait for the spring and warmer weather.Great to hear from you 😊 xx.

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 3:07:13 PM

hogman72664 or david: Great smile and great to hear your ok :):)

Posted: 2018 Feb 9 8:00:30 AM

defimage2222: Hi David..,man it's been a bit of a slog recently.Paper work,authorities,legalities..,it's been never ending..,

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 3:09:30 PM
defimage2222: Hopefully after next Monday everything will be in place,Which will give me time to organize my free time..,

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 3:11:19 PM
defimage2222: I'LL catch up soon..,I'm really interested in your infrared images 😎.

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 3:12:22 PM

karin :): you'll need it !! looks great

Posted: 2018 Feb 9 10:17:40 AM

defimage2222: Absolutely Karin..,doesn't seem like there's any let up with this cold weather any time soon..,

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 3:14:29 PM
defimage2222: I'VE had the heating on 24/7..,dreading the gas bill..πŸ˜–.

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 3:15:35 PM

charmychelle: Hello there Mark Anthony, it’s wonderful to see you again looking so stylish there, wrapped up warm! πŸ˜πŸ‘ I wish you and your Daddy all the very best ❀️ have a great weekend and always take care! 😎 xxx

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 12:30:05 AM

defimage2222: Great to hear from you Charmy..,Mark has been so brave recently..,he still has his moment's though..,and all i can do is hugg it out..,

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 3:18:47 PM
defimage2222: I bought him this Parker a couple of years ago..,and I'm really glad i did..,it's certainly come in useful..,

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 3:20:16 PM
defimage2222: I'M slowly getting some time back charmy..,and looking forward to getting out and about again.Have a good weekend 😊 xx.

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 3:21:46 PM
charmychelle: πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– xxx

Posted: 2018 Feb 10 10:30:36 PM

jerry0522: Hey Mark, hey Dee...you are the best Dad anyone could ask for. Happy SundayπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Posted: 2018 Feb 11 4:34:26 PM

defimage2222: Hey there Jerry..,thanks for that.All my focus and attention has been on mark recently as you can imagine.

Posted: 2018 Feb 11 5:00:00 PM
defimage2222: I'M keeping his routine together.He has 3 days out per week at his daycentre,usually Mondays,Thursdays and Fridays,each for a few hours at a time..,

Posted: 2018 Feb 11 5:02:50 PM
defimage2222: I'M just waiting on his respite allocations to come through then I'll be able to structure my free time better.

Posted: 2018 Feb 11 5:04:25 PM
defimage2222: And use that free time to get out and about more with the camera..cheers Jerry I'll catch up with some comments soon:)

Posted: 2018 Feb 11 5:06:28 PM

_marisol: Hello Mark πŸ’œ Hello Dee πŸ’œ Nice to see you smiling Mark πŸ‘ You truly have the best daddy in the world. Wish you all the best and lots hugs Mark πŸ’— Dee, like I told you yesterday IΒ΄m super happy to see you online again, been missing you and our chitchatting πŸ˜€ but I donΒ΄t expect you to be as active as you were before, I mean what you and your family have been thru...it was only a couple of months ago. Take your time if you feel like that. Sending a big hug to you and Mark πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’œ Happy ValentineΒ΄s Day for both of you! πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒΉπŸ’–

Posted: 2018 Feb 14 12:21:16 PM

defimage2222: Thanks ever so much Mari.I was reading your words and nearly burst into tears.To be honest I'll probably get more time to do things than before

Posted: 2018 Feb 14 7:06:52 PM
defimage2222: I'll just have to allocate my free time better.

Posted: 2018 Feb 14 7:08:06 PM
defimage2222: Things have been pretty tough recently i must admit,but mark is my main priority,trying to see him through his Greif and just being there for him,and

Posted: 2018 Feb 14 7:10:50 PM
defimage2222: to reassure him that everything will work out just fine,which it will.

Posted: 2018 Feb 14 7:12:36 PM
defimage2222: The weather hasn't helped much,it's been absolutely miserable,but I've promised mark that when the weather improves we will both get out more on dayt

Posted: 2018 Feb 14 7:16:58 PM
defimage2222: Daytime trips out...,and weekend's away.He deserves it...,i want him to have some fun with what time i have left with him.

Posted: 2018 Feb 14 7:19:13 PM
defimage2222: Thanks again Mari..,hope you have a wonderful valentinesπŸ’œ x

Posted: 2018 Feb 14 7:21:38 PM

lankhaar: The textures are incredible.

Posted: 2018 Mar 12 6:56:38 AM

defimage2222: Thanks lankhaar..,IT'S a 1020 phone shot and edited with fantasia free app..😊

Posted: 2018 Mar 14 10:58:15 AM

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