Location: CH

taking pictures while listening to social distortion and cycling to work. poppies are the current eyecatchers.

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Original by chromox

Posted: 2016/05/03
karin :): Having an audience to the King and Queen ? Fantastic

Posted: 2016 May 3 9:51:25 PM
charmychelle: Oh wow, that would be paradise for me at that age! 😍 Great shot! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

Posted: 2016 May 3 11:04:00 PM
ttomzz: ...nice shot, and wishing you an early, Great Birthday πŸŽ‚!!!

Posted: 2016 May 4 12:53:34 AM
sassymynx: I absolutely love the use of negative space here! Superb shot, Chromox! πŸ˜ƒ

Posted: 2016 May 4 4:37:50 AM
spealsycoleman: Omg, she has like a whole legion of them. Absolutely love the composition. Superb :):)

Posted: 2016 May 4 8:05:22 PM


Original by chromox

Posted: 2016/05/02
charmychelle: Indeed it is, and your photo is a perfect representation of it! Nice link! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Posted: 2016 May 2 8:50:38 PM
spealsycoleman: Indeed so and a brilliant idea for you to capture it so beautifully and share it with us :):)

Posted: 2016 May 2 9:02:51 PM
buzohippo: Love the photo a lot. And it's a brilliant link πŸ˜‰

Posted: 2016 May 2 9:22:34 PM
karin :): Wonderful, I had the same thought when I saw Spealsy's photo.

Posted: 2016 May 2 9:37:53 PM
mram: Chromox,I really love that, and it's so true,year after year new life always spring up,Old but reliable,wonderful capture 😊😘

Posted: 2016 May 2 10:33:50 PM


Original by chromox

Posted: 2016/05/01
mariacarmen: OMG, if it is huge for the tower... looks very very nice from this point, you can see everything, and much attention roofing design... seems a model of toy... Thanks for showing dear friend :):)

Posted: 2016 May 2 4:25:46 AM
karin :): Love that view, like a doll house 🏠

Posted: 2016 May 2 4:38:12 AM
spealsycoleman: Oh my goodness that is so true. Brilliant shot. Perfect :):)

Posted: 2016 May 2 8:19:39 AM
charmychelle: Crikey this is an interesting perspective! 😯 I'm just expecting a giant hand to appear and move something haha! πŸ˜… Amazing shot and link! πŸ‘πŸ‘

Posted: 2016 May 2 8:38:26 AM
ttomzz: of my favorite cities, and a fine shot!!! 😎

Posted: 2016 May 2 2:38:10 PM


Original by chromox

Posted: 2016/05/01
karin :): Eating stone the rest of their lives ☺ brilliant

Posted: 2016 May 2 4:37:21 AM
spealsycoleman: Such an awesome link and shot :):)

Posted: 2016 May 2 8:20:35 AM
charmychelle: Haha I can't improve on what Karin has said, wonderful shot and link! 😊😊

Posted: 2016 May 2 8:31:14 AM
mram: Karin hit the nail on the head,but is a powerful Image,great photo chromox 😊

Posted: 2016 May 2 5:15:38 PM
mram: Doesn't it remind you of a Image from OMEN😊

Posted: 2016 May 2 5:17:09 PM


Original by chromox

Posted: 2016/05/01
spealsycoleman: ... and a rather beautiful light. Absolutely awesome. I love it :):)

Posted: 2016 May 1 11:02:18 PM
mariacarmen: πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š Beautiful scene, the Sun beautifully illuminates the houses... great visual top with chimneys !!

Posted: 2016 May 2 4:18:35 AM
tinyh: I'd say it was getting up earlier 😊

Posted: 2016 May 2 8:13:50 AM
mram: Yes it's a beautiful scenic route, the early bird gets the worm,you got a incredible photo😊

Posted: 2016 May 2 5:19:40 PM
enomis122964: gorgeous πŸ‘ 😍

Posted: 2016 May 2 10:02:40 PM


Original by chromox

Posted: 2016/04/29
mram: A fantastic capture the belly and soul of what must have been a beautiful,strong mighty tree at one time 😊 πŸŽ„

Posted: 2016 Apr 29 12:39:31 PM
mariacarmen: It is a spectacular cut, the layers of the cortex can be very well appreciated... great photo friendπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Posted: 2016 Apr 29 1:10:43 PM
charmychelle: Such amazing detail in this capture, well done! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

Posted: 2016 Apr 29 4:09:23 PM
spealsycoleman: Perfect, I love it. Brilliant link and image :):)

Posted: 2016 Apr 29 6:26:11 PM
karin :): Something you would never notice, and is so interesting with this keyword, great find

Posted: 2016 Apr 29 7:56:07 PM


Original by chromox

Posted: 2016/04/27
charmychelle: Whatever did this effect I absolutely love it, these colours are wonderful! Great work! 😊😊

Posted: 2016 Apr 27 9:11:09 PM
spealsycoleman: Haha, yes there is total cyantasticness going on here. Brilliant :):)

Posted: 2016 Apr 27 9:21:55 PM
enomis122964: I like the colours ☺

Posted: 2016 Apr 27 9:43:46 PM
karin :): A bit magical now, surrealistisch in Dutch

Posted: 2016 Apr 27 10:06:41 PM
mariacarmen: Beautiful and delicate color πŸ‘Œ

Posted: 2016 Apr 28 1:44:49 PM


Original by chromox

Posted: 2016/04/27
mariacarmen: I remember your previous photo, us remains to be seen this part of the crane, thanks for showing it, friend..interesting imageπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Posted: 2016 Apr 27 4:58:56 PM
spealsycoleman: Aha, makes sense... brilliant pic. Love it :):)

Posted: 2016 Apr 27 7:26:45 PM


Original by chromox

Posted: 2016/04/27
karin :): Looks very cold out there, I always admire those cross country skiers. Hard work

Posted: 2016 Apr 27 7:30:00 AM
dimasing: Exceptional!☺

Posted: 2016 Apr 27 7:54:55 AM
charmychelle: Absolutely stunning, those clouds look so dramatic! πŸ˜³πŸ˜‰ By the way, we seem to have gone backwards into winter here these past few days! It's been really cold, windy with hail, sleet or snow and I could have sworn I even heard a rumble of thunder yesterday!! 😲 Last week it was really warm, crazy!!! πŸ˜²πŸ˜…

Posted: 2016 Apr 27 8:26:45 AM
mariacarmen: AWW... It is a work of art, besides being beautiful is very interesting is how the representation of good and evil and between these two parties is the nature that works as a mediator and helps us to stay at the wonderful side of life... is my point of view... Thank you for sharing this beautiful image, Chromox... love it :):)

Posted: 2016 Apr 27 5:07:23 PM
spealsycoleman: Oh my goodness. What a spectacular image. Absolutely beautiful. I simply love it :):)

Posted: 2016 Apr 27 7:29:36 PM


Original by chromox

Posted: 2016/04/25
spealsycoleman: Yes indeed and perfectly poised. Awesome capture :):)

Posted: 2016 Apr 25 9:56:55 PM
karin :): Like two soldiers on duty, great

Posted: 2016 Apr 25 10:06:27 PM
mariacarmen: Wow..incredible shot, friend... above all that they look the same but are not😊

Posted: 2016 Apr 26 4:16:19 AM
mram: Perfectly poise,Love this image, you have to bring in the Big guns for Heavy Duty 😊😁

Posted: 2016 Apr 26 1:54:06 PM