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Original by charmychelle

Posted: 2018/01/20
gary22: I think may be will ice up tonight careful if you drive tomorrow. if is bad.will let you know when i go to workshop in morning. have a lovely evening πŸ’‹

Posted: 2018 Jan 20 7:48:17 PM
_alessandro_: Davvero complimenti per questa straordinaria foto!!! È sempre un piacere commentarla! Spero che tu sia ok e ti auguro un buon weekend!!!πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘ŒπŸŒΈπŸŒΌ

Posted: 2018 Jan 20 8:06:14 PM
_marisol: Oh, que buena toma! Muy finos detalles cristalinos πŸ‘ Me gustan mucho! Y colores son muy hermosos, asΓ­ como un bonito fondo. Bien hecho amiga πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Te mando muchos apurruΓ±os. Buenas noches πŸŒ›

Posted: 2018 Jan 20 9:42:05 PM
gary22: πŸ’‹πŸ’–

Posted: 2018 Jan 20 10:28:53 PM
_fredy: Beautiful image of green grass and snow crystals with amazingly beautiful blue backgroundπŸ’šβ„πŸ’™Have a nice sleep and tomorrow a great start of the Sunday

Posted: 2018 Jan 20 11:07:49 PM


Original by charmychelle

Posted: 2018/01/16
bigfarmer: Your perseverance has been rewarded with a beautiful photo Charmychelle!! To my personal taste sparrows are one of the most beautiful birds!

Posted: 2018 Jan 16 3:57:09 PM
gary22: spot on πŸ‘πŸ’‹

Posted: 2018 Jan 16 4:02:09 PM
teomax: ma che carinooooo

Posted: 2018 Jan 16 4:10:07 PM
_alessandro_: Congratulazioni per questo scatto!!! Mi rendo conto che non sia facile fotografare gli uccelli, ho provato qualche volta, ma come sentono il rumore dell'otturatore, scappano via e le mie foto sono sempre mosse! Davvero molto carino questo passerotto!!! Buona serata cara amica!!!

Posted: 2018 Jan 16 6:34:10 PM
hogman72664: Beautiful, totally beautiful. Lovey love love it. This is wild bird gorgosity in extreme. I really like this. Have a great day Tweetychelle :-)XX

Posted: 2018 Jan 17 2:27:52 AM


Original by charmychelle

Posted: 2018/01/12
_alessandro_: Ciao Charmy!!! Congratulation for this beautiful image! I love the color contrast and the details!!! A very good photographer! You can capture the poetry of nature, through your goal! Brava! I wish you a great weekend!

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 6:22:35 PM
gary22: Looks good charmy.πŸ‘πŸ’‹

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 7:02:13 PM
karin :): 3 in a row and a perfect picture

Posted: 2018 Jan 12 10:32:16 PM
gary22: Hope you have had a wonderful Saturday charmy.πŸ’‹β€

Posted: 2018 Jan 13 9:38:54 PM
gloria siess: excellent image..reminds me of hope and yet, forgotten dreams against the snow..

Posted: 2018 Jan 13 11:22:13 PM


Original by charmychelle

Posted: 2018/01/08
bigfarmer: It might not be difficult (for you) but it does look magnificent!

Posted: 2018 Jan 8 4:34:14 PM
teomax: una parola sola: FANTASTICO πŸ€—

Posted: 2018 Jan 8 5:04:44 PM
jjanner: You'd have to be a lunatic to drive there 😁

Posted: 2018 Jan 8 5:46:42 PM
stefpics2: So that's how it works. The Apollo project really was a scam ! :P

Posted: 2018 Jan 8 6:20:14 PM
serpiko: 😲wow!!! fantastica!

Posted: 2018 Jan 8 6:33:05 PM


Original by charmychelle

Posted: 2018/01/05
hogman72664: Doesn't look too popular, or was this late night. Curiously devoid of people. A little sickening to see all the familiar names in these places, so unimaginative of our councils/developers. Like the blacks on this, especially M&S. :):)xx

Posted: 2018 Jan 5 2:38:45 PM
jerry0522: Love the pure black and pure white in this B&W image!!! I think you know by now I love high contrast bnw :):) Happy Friday Michelle!

Posted: 2018 Jan 5 2:53:16 PM
mohamed71764: Beautiful b&w shot

Posted: 2018 Jan 5 3:17:48 PM
_alessandro_: Davvero complimenti per questo staordinario scatto in bianco e nero!!! Posso riconoscere anche il logo M&S, in quanto dove lavoro io, stampiamo etichette di Olio, che un nostro cliente (Olitalia) produce ed esporta in Inghilterra per Marks & Spencer, Per poter lavorare con questo marchio, abbiamo ricevuto la certificazione BRC (British Retail Consortium).

Posted: 2018 Jan 5 4:10:01 PM
bigfarmer: A very nice monochrome Charmychelle!

Posted: 2018 Jan 5 7:11:31 PM


Original by charmychelle

Posted: 2018/01/04
cameraal: ;)

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 2:01:32 AM
hogman72664: Love the ramble, prone to it myself, usually a rant however. Back to the pic though, I like it as well. Love that blue. Sleep well, but if you are reading this I presume you will already have slept and that means I'm early in wishing you a good sleep....or late. Take care Ramblychelle :):)XX

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 3:32:32 AM
kyle1337: This is an absolutely phenomenal photo!! Excellent job friend! And by the time you read this it will be morning so good morning as well!

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 3:53:39 AM
jasu: Very good morning dear....

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 4:07:56 AM
jasu: And excellent shot

Posted: 2018 Jan 4 4:08:30 AM


Original by charmychelle

Posted: 2018/01/01
pini72164: Wowwwww;!!very beautiful..😡😲

Posted: 2018 Jan 2 6:16:42 AM
hogman72664: Well all blackbirds are gorgeous and worthy of your lens time. This is a beautiful start to the year. Lovely edit, works well :-)xx

Posted: 2018 Jan 2 1:14:28 PM
jj*: Lovely! :-)

Posted: 2018 Jan 2 2:08:45 PM
robert m jacob: unique bird ,great shot

Posted: 2018 Jan 2 6:07:42 PM
_alessandro_: Lovely image!!!πŸ‘Œ

Posted: 2018 Jan 3 10:03:57 AM


Original by charmychelle

Posted: 2017/12/31
robert m jacob: happy new year charm, you have been amazing with your works in 2017 and cant wait to see more great work in 2018..cin cin..

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 2:16:42 AM
cameraal: Beautiful words from a beautiful lady...may 2018 bring you the best year ever! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’›β˜Ί

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 4:59:14 AM
mystmr61164: Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year. I have enjoyed your posts in 2017 and I am looking forward to seeing great things in 2018.

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 6:45:04 AM
hogman72664: Michelle you've gone from strength to strength, both in your photography and in yourself, may this trend continue in 2018. Do we look forward to a few years of bokeh pics? I don't mind what ever you post is always of interest and you've already joined the higher ranks on here, by that I mean you very rarely post anything of a less than high standard. I'm proud and happy to call you my friend and look forward to meeting you if at all possible in 2018. Email is coming :):) Take care and have a great year :):)XX

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 8:15:28 AM
bix1966: Buon 2018!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 31 9:46:23 AM


Original by charmychelle

Posted: 2017/12/27
hogman72664: Seeing as I'm about to go to bed in the next hour I guess it's goodnight from me. Really like this a lot. I bet it looks great large. I will check later on a bigger screen. Lovely detailed pic. :):) X

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 2:49:08 AM
_fredy: πŸ™‹Good πŸŒ…morning,CπŸ‘’πŸ“·rπŸ’‹y!! I love snow and ice crystals

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 3:04:30 AM
_fredy: ...❄wonderful detail❄ my dear friend! I'm little sadly about the weather at this holiday time - no snow☹ - today and tomorrow was raining β˜” here in Slovenia

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 3:10:48 AM
_fredy: I hope you had a good time and you will go on in these last days of the year! And for me it was the most beautiful gift return our wonderful friend Marcy

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 3:19:56 AM
_fredy: ..against this, I remember that you had a hard time. I'm so glad and happy your victories.πŸŽΆπŸ’ƒπŸŽΆAnd I'm really proud of you!!! You are so wonderful and sweet friend! ThanksπŸ’!!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 27 3:36:34 AM


Original by charmychelle

Posted: 2017/12/23
cameraal: A wonderful view and a most Merry Christmas to you!! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ…

Posted: 2017 Dec 23 11:11:53 PM
_marisol: What a lovely image. Merry Christmas to you dear Charmy πŸŽ„πŸŽ„β€β€ We indeed got some snow last night but now it's +3, so it's mostly slushy outside 😬 Anyway, let's enjoy this wonderful time of year, Christmas is a big thing to me, especially now that I'm a mom. Happy holidays and hope to see you soon! Hugs ❀❀❀

Posted: 2017 Dec 23 11:27:12 PM
gloria siess: charming!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 23 11:27:28 PM
tthomas311: Happy Christmas to you, dear friend! πŸŽ„πŸŒŸβœ¨πŸ’–

Posted: 2017 Dec 23 11:44:22 PM
_alessandro_: Grazie mille cara Charmy!!! Buon Natale anche a te e famiglia!!! Sei stata davvero molto brava a cogliere questo pettirosso il posa perfetta!!! Una foto davvero dolce e carina!!! Auguriii!!!πŸŽ„βœ¨πŸ·πŸŽ‰

Posted: 2017 Dec 24 12:35:21 AM