female lumia user (920 635) from finland and getting started by learning from all of you. happily in relationship :)

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Original by miamacabre

Posted: 2017/07/05
jerry0522: Sayonara Mia :)

Posted: 2017 Jul 5 1:18:42 PM
_alessandro_: Welcome back!!! I hope you are well, and the studies and the work, continue in the best way! A sincere greeting and good evening! Sayonara Mia!

Posted: 2017 Jul 5 7:45:13 PM
_fredy: 🙏 MIA!!! Beautiful picture and nice red color👍....but where's the pole dancer...😩😉

Posted: 2017 Jul 5 8:49:14 PM
rud15662864: Never thought a train could look this nice!!!

Posted: 2017 Jul 6 7:52:16 AM
ttomzz: ...nicely done, and it's always good to see you, M'lady!!!😎

Posted: 2017 Jul 6 5:47:02 PM


Original by miamacabre

Posted: 2017/03/31
robert m jacob: lovely open space

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 4:46:19 PM
_alessandro_: Wow!!! Wonderful scenery!!!

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 6:07:50 PM
mystmr61164: Beautiful view

Posted: 2017 Apr 1 5:15:07 PM
damadjunglist: Very very nice views:)

Posted: 2017 Apr 2 12:14:59 AM
_alessandro_: Dear Mia, If we do not feel before, I wish Happy Easter to you and your family! Spend good parties! 🙋🎍🐣🐰

Posted: 2017 Apr 11 4:59:47 PM


Original by miamacabre

Posted: 2017/03/31
robert m jacob: very european neighbourhood

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 4:47:44 PM
_alessandro_: You region! The true soul of the city, you see through the hidden streets! May I ask what brought you to this country so far? In addition to going to find your friend?

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 6:07:13 PM
javadebrah: Places tell us who the people really are great👌

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 9:57:36 PM


Original by miamacabre

Posted: 2017/03/31
robert m jacob: nice, this looks just like were romeo met juliet.

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 4:48:41 PM
_alessandro_: I agree with Robert! This facade is really romantic! ;)

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 6:03:24 PM
joyfulgideon: My villa in view

Posted: 2017 Apr 1 3:54:30 PM


Original by miamacabre

Posted: 2017/03/31
maxmaksx: Amazing! 👌👌👌

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 3:25:20 PM
_alessandro_: Mia, Good evening! Wow !!! You were in Panama? What a great trip!!! This is incredible, the rain and the water, carves stone into fantastic shapes!!! Beautiful colors!!!

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 6:01:50 PM
demol: Beautiful

Posted: 2017 Mar 31 6:30:09 PM
ttomzz: ...just gorgeous!!!

Posted: 2017 Apr 7 12:27:59 PM
jarkko62: wow!:)

Posted: 2017 Jun 5 8:42:09 AM


Original by miamacabre

Posted: 2017/03/28
_fredy: Owww... you were on a space shuttle!? 😲 ... hehe. Your photo reminds me of the picture of the earth from space. Only NASA never managed to catch the rainbow ... 😁 You're it !!! 😉👍 Have a nice evening, Mia! ☺

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 3:46:45 PM
demol: Beautiful miamacabre

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 5:46:54 PM
mokorh: Kaunis shot 👍

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 5:58:28 PM
_alessandro_: OMG!!! Who's back!!! Ehiii, Mia, how are you? Always busy??? It 'sa great pleasure to see your pictures! A greeting and a virtual hug, very strongly!!! Ehehe!!!

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 6:38:26 PM
mokorh: Hei mia . Lumia luuri on tosi hyvä camera ja mä tykkä .. mulla on kaksi kappale 610 ja 930 .. mut camera nappi on menee rikki 😊 kun käytän paljon 😀...

Posted: 2017 Mar 29 2:05:16 AM


Original by miamacabre

Posted: 2017/03/22
_marisol: No mut hei...teretulemast! Täällä kaivataankin uutta verta! Ihq tää kuva, oon nähnyt aiemmin, oisko ollut joku saksalainen kuvaaja tjsp. Kiva kun oot täällä taas, mun ei tarvitse tapella yksin kaikkien mörököllien kanssa haha...meinaatsä alkaa ihan fotoileen tosissaan? Hali & muisku 💜➕💜

Posted: 2017 Mar 22 6:08:32 PM
_fredy: 🙋Hi Mia🙌 It's good to feel you again - welcome back!!!😏 I hope you are 🆗 These owlets💕 are really sweet😍 I wish you,many happy moments✨🌹🎶

Posted: 2017 Mar 23 1:19:28 AM
jerry0522: Awww, it is very cute! Sorry to hear about the muthfkin bug :( Hope you get well soon as i miss your images :):)

Posted: 2017 Mar 23 6:49:43 PM
ttomzz: ...just seeing your name put a smile on my face this morning, nice to see you, M'lady!!!😎

Posted: 2017 Mar 26 11:44:08 AM
ttomzz: ...it's Tom!!!😎

Posted: 2017 Mar 28 4:34:05 PM


Original by miamacabre

Posted: 2016/12/15
_alessandro_: But maybe you have not walked a lot !!! Your feet do not even have a bladder!!! Merit of running shoes ??? Ahaha!!! I wish you a Merry Christmas and your family!!! Again, congratulations on all your great photos!!!

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 11:12:25 PM
ttomzz: ...hehe, nothing a gentle massage wouldn't cure!!! Have a Great Holiday, M'lady...😎

Posted: 2016 Dec 16 12:54:59 AM
bill_brasil: Very beautiful photos, but wonderful and sexy feet. I wish if I could kiss them to your pleasure 😍

Posted: 2016 Dec 16 4:29:58 AM
_alessandro_: Dear Mia, I wish you and your family a peaceful and happy Merry Christmas!!! 🎄 🎅🎀 Thanks for everything!!!

Posted: 2016 Dec 18 1:02:45 PM
_fredy: 🙋Hi Mia!!My congratulations for your beautiful photo series from Sicily😍also included with this👣...🎅Merry Christmas🎅 to you Mia and all your family!!!

Posted: 2016 Dec 25 11:28:23 PM


Original by miamacabre

Posted: 2016/12/15
_marisol: Voi miten upeeta ajan patinaa! Tuolla kyllä täytyy joskus käydä. Kameralle töitä! :D

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 10:46:48 PM
hogman72664 or david: Awesome, love this street scene :):)

Posted: 2016 Dec 16 3:44:57 PM
bigfarmer: Lovely and picturesque Mia. Great shot!

Posted: 2016 Dec 16 10:45:18 PM
robert m jacob: this place looks tobe war torn town

Posted: 2016 Dec 17 2:02:04 AM
_alessandro_: HoHo.. cosa ho detto? Niente di compromettente spero!!! Non mi interessa... se vi divertite io sono contento!!! HoHo .. what I said? Nothing incriminating hope !!! I do not care if you have fun ... I'm happy !!! Ahahaah

Posted: 2016 Dec 22 12:17:37 AM


Original by miamacabre

Posted: 2016/12/15
_marisol: Voi...kun on ihana!! Onko tuossa vuorenrinne heti tuon matalan aidan (hmm) takana??? Todella ihana! Rakastan tämmösiä idyllisiä pikkukaupunkeja. Lähdetääs salaa joku päiv...shhh!!! :D:D

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 10:49:30 PM
_alessandro_: It 's really a little gem!

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 11:03:22 PM
bigfarmer: Just wonderful!

Posted: 2016 Dec 16 10:45:52 PM
robert m jacob: lovely place

Posted: 2016 Dec 17 2:02:20 AM