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mexico city. i'm an architect. i love the photography and design. all photos are taken by me

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Original by mariacarmen

Posted: 2018/08/18
gary22: Great picture maria.and you look lovely as always. 👍❤

Posted: 2018 Aug 18 3:53:32 PM
robert m jacob: beautiful shot and location

Posted: 2018 Aug 18 5:09:26 PM
stefpics2: Beautiful piece of architecture. And a lovely lady !

Posted: 2018 Aug 18 5:17:49 PM
joyous40: Ciao carissima 😍 Great shot Maria have a great weekend 😘😘

Posted: 2018 Aug 18 8:01:53 PM
hogman72664: Firstly thanks for this more detailed pic. Then I know you are expecting this but who are the figures at the top of the arch? I love art deco and nouveau styles and this is a great art deco piece. Your niece did a great job on this, you can't possibly be sooo young ;o) You look lovely as usual and I am as impressed by your hair (there's a lot and it's very thick and beautiful) as much as anything else. Great weekend to you also my very young friend :):)

Posted: 2018 Aug 18 9:44:44 PM


Original by mariacarmen

Posted: 2018/08/18
mystmr61164: Love it.

Posted: 2018 Aug 18 3:18:37 PM
stefpics2: Cool !

Posted: 2018 Aug 18 5:18:40 PM
jjanner: The images and story are awe inspiring.

Posted: 2018 Aug 18 6:43:36 PM
hogman72664: Wow, that must be an awesome view from up there. That's a very impressive dome, thanks for the extra detailed pics. It looks a great place. :):)x

Posted: 2018 Aug 18 9:37:06 PM
buzohippo: As we are catching up with Marvel movies right now with my hubby so this is so appreciate for some part of Avengers 😉🙂 Great angle!

Posted: 2018 Aug 19 8:16:49 AM


Original by mariacarmen

Posted: 2018/08/13
hogman72664: Brilliant photo and a great looking building. Tell me more please. What happened here? Why is it so important? Why the delay? Why are you teasing me with such a snippet of information? Naughty Mexican Maria😂 I really would like to know more please.

Posted: 2018 Aug 13 11:18:49 AM
mymanypseudos: En la Calle de la Reforma, sí?

Posted: 2018 Aug 13 11:45:27 AM
puma.luca: hermoso este tiro de la noche! Un importante edificio rico en historia. Felicitaciones Maria!

Posted: 2018 Aug 13 11:54:14 AM
gary22: looks good maria.👍❤

Posted: 2018 Aug 13 5:22:06 PM
krmn_ c:: se ve hermoso aún de noche, me encantan los tonos😍

Posted: 2018 Aug 14 1:23:34 AM


Original by mariacarmen

Posted: 2018/08/06
ttomzz: ...WOW...great way to start a Monday!!! 😎🌴🎶

Posted: 2018 Aug 6 1:50:05 PM
silvia80: Beutiful 😊😊!! I have looked at it on the Internet and unfortunately read many negative comments! Many tourists came to see Montezuma's headdress. But they have been told that the headgear has not been on display for about seven years and they have no idea when it will be open again. I hope they will come back to you soon !!

Posted: 2018 Aug 6 3:26:01 PM
hogman72664: Very beautiful, my only concern is about the feathers. How were they collected? Were any birds hurt? I hope not. I hope there are not any naked birds flying around wearing knitted jumpers ;o) Brilliant colours and an original way to present it to us, usually I see complete shots or full body shots, this is far more eye catching and beautiful :):)

Posted: 2018 Aug 6 3:31:08 PM
lowgonlowpaw: There is a dispute between Vienna and Mexico, about which country it belongs, its very beautiful, but not the same as the one in Vienna.😱💓

Posted: 2018 Aug 6 4:05:44 PM
mike p.: Incredible!!

Posted: 2018 Aug 6 4:23:26 PM


Original by mariacarmen

Posted: 2018/08/06
hogman72664: I don't like it, I LOVE it. Tremendous colours and sense of joy. Love the white birds on the decoration and what a glorious bell tower. Wish I could have been celebrating with you. :):)

Posted: 2018 Aug 6 3:26:42 PM
lowgonlowpaw: I think is sounds very nice and sexual, which would make me happy hahaha, it seems it would be a great time honey....🔥

Posted: 2018 Aug 6 4:10:14 PM
_alessandro_: Bellissima immagine di questa Chiesa addobbata a festa! Tutto questo è davvero meraviglioso!!! Grazie mille cara amica, per avere condiviso con noi queste meraviglie! Ti auguro una grandiosa settimana!!!👌💯💯💯😍😍😍😘😘😘

Posted: 2018 Aug 6 5:21:09 PM
defimage2222: love how you celebrate such events.., with life and Colour.., in an age when so many things are taken for granted.🙂

Posted: 2018 Aug 8 8:29:59 AM
bluehair31464: Wow!! le tue foto hanno colori stupendi e sono divertenti :))

Posted: 2018 Aug 8 8:22:22 PM


Original by mariacarmen

Posted: 2018/08/03
defimage2222: This is absolutely fantastic from you Maria.., minimalisam it may be but you have produced a strong,bold mono image..I love it 🤩.

Posted: 2018 Aug 3 10:07:25 AM
ttomzz: ...minimal may be the style but those soft clouds and striking lines work perfectly, M'lady!!! Art for Arts sake, perfectly presented...😎☀️🌴🎶

Posted: 2018 Aug 3 11:02:57 AM
corssaro: Una foto molto bella con un editing da maestra bravissima!❤

Posted: 2018 Aug 3 11:25:18 AM
hogman72664: Stunning mono, the clouds are fantastic, mere whisps . As for the architecture it isn't very beautiful but it is extremely striking and certainly captures the eye's attention. :):)

Posted: 2018 Aug 3 11:50:26 AM
silvia80: Great Edit!! Love the clouds 🖤... very interesting classrooms 📖📚 wish i could see them inside 😊😊

Posted: 2018 Aug 3 3:54:51 PM


Original by mariacarmen

Posted: 2018/07/31
mike p.: Hail Great Sun.😀

Posted: 2018 Jul 31 3:13:17 PM
soderhol: Wonderful phenomena that sun. It keep us alive :)

Posted: 2018 Jul 31 5:20:59 PM
dylan $$: stunning picture and fabulous dramatic scene, well done, everywhere i see there's something interesting. Great 😎😘💗

Posted: 2018 Jul 31 5:47:41 PM
gary22: You have a wonderful week to special one.❤

Posted: 2018 Jul 31 5:48:51 PM
_alessandro_: Woooww!!! Simply Amazing!!! Wonderful scenery! 😍😍😍 Enjoy your niece!👋👋👋👋

Posted: 2018 Jul 31 5:59:11 PM


Original by mariacarmen

Posted: 2018/07/26
ttomzz: ...you are quite Brilliant, M'lady!!! Well done, as always...😎🎶☀️

Posted: 2018 Jul 26 11:28:30 AM
markiv: You are right, each door is like a path and unique to a person.Have you played the keys game or was it the doors? Not able to recollect anyway a interesting & thrilling suspense in the making👌😂..nice work👍

Posted: 2018 Jul 26 1:23:53 PM
mymanypseudos: Carmen- He experimentado varios reveses en mi vida y he encontrado esperanza y paz a través de la oración. Y me ha funcionado. En aquellos casos en que parecía imposible, mantuve la cabeza en alto y seguí avanzando. Fui muy afortunado de retirarme de mi trabajo estresante a los 55 años y he sido feliz. Tengo 70 años y nunca he mirado atrás. Continúa avanzando en tu viaje, mi amiga.

Posted: 2018 Jul 26 1:33:22 PM
corssaro: ¡Dejaste caer la llave de mi corazón!

Posted: 2018 Jul 26 2:34:25 PM
buzohippo: I love your new creation and your mysterious profile pic! 💗

Posted: 2018 Jul 26 8:05:11 PM


Original by mariacarmen

Posted: 2018/07/10
mymanypseudos: Increíble fotografía. Una vez más, demuestras tu talento en la captura de grandes escenas. Esta es, de hecho, una obra maestra en arquitectura. Me encanta cómo capturaste el reflejo del edificio. Bravo!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Posted: 2018 Jul 10 2:50:44 PM
bigfarmer: Great reflection and a very beautiful building Mariacarmen! And thank you for the reminder! :-)

Posted: 2018 Jul 10 7:26:14 PM
gary22: Humongous hugs and kisses for you maria 💋💋💋❤

Posted: 2018 Jul 10 10:22:27 PM
hogman72664: Wow, I knew this would be worth waiting to see on my monitor. It looks great on my phone but I have zoomed and looked at the mosaic work. It is extraordinary and looks like you could write a book explaining all the stories told within it. This is now my favourite of your modern architecture pics, it is almost not a building but a giant artwork. Brilliant in every way. The more you show me, the more I love your country. Have a great smiley day :):)x

Posted: 2018 Jul 11 10:52:41 AM
corssaro: Edificio affascinante peccato non poterlo vedere per intero. Colori molto belli brava!

Posted: 2018 Jul 11 3:17:26 PM


Original by mariacarmen

Posted: 2018/07/02
ttomzz: ...Good luck on the quarter finals, and a New President!!! Love this shot...😎🎶

Posted: 2018 Jul 2 2:17:14 AM
mymanypseudos: Oh, cómo me gusta esta foto. No estoy seguro de cómo lo tomaste, pero hiciste un gran trabajo. Necesitamos desesperadamente lluvia en mi área. Estamos en la Etapa 2 de restricciones de agua y pronto estaremos en la Etapa 3 esta semana. Nuestro país también está muy interesado en su nuevo presidente. Estamos teniendo tantos problemas con nuestra nueva administración y el personal de nuestro Presidente sigue renunciando, ya que pocas personas pueden llevarse bien con él. No puedo esperar para las elecciones de mediano plazo que podrían inclinar la balanza de nuestro congreso. Estamos en mal estado. Buena suerte a tu nuevo gobierno.

Posted: 2018 Jul 2 3:18:18 AM
cameraal: Love your image of hope..Via Mexico!

Posted: 2018 Jul 2 3:25:53 AM
gary22: Goodnight gorgeous one.have a lovely Monday maria.👍❤

Posted: 2018 Jul 2 5:59:22 AM
mike p.: Such a gorgeous picture...I love your hand.🙏😈

Posted: 2018 Jul 2 6:36:40 AM