color balance filter

One of the most important features in any post production graphic application is color management, whether it be to handle white balance, saturation or color shifting. 

In Fhotoroom all these requirements were closely considered when the Color Balance filter was developed. The Color Balance filter combines powerful functions that enables users to correct virtually any type of color issues your photo has and produces virtually any type of color effect you want such non standard black white photos. 

Fhotoroom pushes the Color Balance filter to a new level of power by using our new Color Matching System technology via the Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow and Magenta options. This is similar technology used by the Hue Balance filter but in the Color Balance filter it uses predefined colors which cover the entire color spectrum.

Temperature - This option enables users to adjust the overall look of an image by changing the perceived temperature of a scene or correcting the white balance of your image. Usually blue is considered cool and red hot, but in nature the opposite is true. 

Hue - Typically in the computer world colors are thought of only in RGB, but this isn't the only way to work with color values. The Hue option enables users to adjust all 3 color channels using a single option. Like the Temperature control, Hue is an excellent way of correcting color shifting and white balance.

RGB Adjustments - Similar to the Temp and Hue options, these 3 options enable users to correct color shifts and white balance but on a individual color basis since color shifts don't always affect each color equally.

Saturation - Controls the brightness of colors in a photo, with -100% being a black and white image, 0% being unchanged color level and 100% being colors boosted. 

Vibrancy - Like Saturation, controls the color brightness of your photo but rather than applying this correction to all color levels equally it varies depend on the initial level of the colors. This option can be applied linearly or non-linearly depending on how you want to boost colors. By default Non-Linear is selected.

Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow and Magenta - Work like the Hue Balance filter, which only affect the adjust Hue. This allows for very accurate color correction flexibility unlike Saturation and Color adjustments which apply their affect to the entire image regardless of the Hue. To illustrate this, the Saturation example above shows how the entire photo colors have been boosted, while the example below shows how everything except the Blues have been boosted. In many situations increasing the saturation to get a specific color in a photo to a desired saturation level could cause other colors in the photo to get over exposed and detail is lost.

Grayscale - Unlike changing the Saturation value to -100%, this option enables you produce any type of black and white image. You first check this option and then adjust any of the values above and it changes the type of black and white image you will get.