focus / tiltshift filter

Focus Tilt Shift is Fhotoroom's completely new Filter which gives any photo the illusion of focused vision or sometimes also referred to as Miniatures, by blurring different parts of the image depending on the point of focus. 


Focus has 8 different settings to select from. Tilt Shift, Gaussian, Zoom, Blur, Intensity, Feather, Horizontal and Vertical Flip, and Invert.

Preset - Focus comes with 4 built-in presets to help users jump right in and get started quickly. To enhance the user experience all presets are presented as a list and a preview. It is ideal to keep the amount of preset limited, since the more preset the slower the load time is for the filter. Focus has the option of saving and loading presets so you can build your own library of effects.

Styles - This option determines the areas where blurring will be applied to the image. Fhotoroom comes with 7 pre-built styles but 14 more are available for download when you login and are located right below the Fhotoroom download link. The example above shows 2 different styles applied, Soft Glow which uses the Gaussian option and Square using the Zoom option. 

When using the selection tools as shown in the video above, fhotoroom hdr will automatically select the "Solid" style. If a different style is selected then the selection and style work in combination with each other.

Tilt Shift, Gaussian & Zoom - Focus has to blurring options, Tilt Shift, Gaussian and Zoom. These are similar to the one's available under the Filters>Blur menu option but have been optimized to work in Focus.

Blur - This option the amount of blurring applied, so in the case of Tilt Shift and Gaussian it's pixel radius and in Zoom it is pixel distance. Setting this value to 0 will make it appear as if nothing is happening so it is usually best to start high and work your way down.

Intensity -  All other options depend on this slider. If it is set 0, then no other option will have any affect. Strength determines how much influence or affect the blurring options have on your photo, so setting this value too high might make the photo too blurry, which could be corrected by reducing the Blur slider.

Feather - Like the Blur slider, it applies a blurring but only to the Focus Style allowing for smoother blending of the blur edge. In most situations this value can be set to 0, which will also make the filter much faster.

Vertical & Horizontal Flip - These options allow you to flip the Focus Style to better suit your specific photo.

Invert - This option allows you to invert the Focus Style so the exact opposite areas are affected by the blurring.

Focus is located under the Filters menu option Filters > Focus... and is available in 8 and 16bit.