hdr batch "baking"

HDR Batch Processor was designed specifically for HDR technology to both generate and tone map images by outputting a LDR and HDR file. One of the unique features that this batch processor offers is that it allows users to observer the progress of each image in 3 different ways, Visually, Text, and Progress bar.

To process a group of images is done by;

  1. Start Fhotoroom HDR.

  2. Goto File > HDR's > HDR Batch Processing...

  3. Select the source folder where your images are located.

  4. You can Filter out all but the file format you want to process, by using the "Filter Formats" list option.

  5. Select the number of images in the sequence. You will notice that when you select a value great than 2 the merge option automatically disables the Highlight & Shadows option.

  6. Then select your destination directory, which can be the same as the source since the output files will not over write you existing files.

  7. Select the LDR file format you want, it can be either JPG or TIF.

  8. If you choose JPG you can select a JPG Quality value.

  9. Select the HDR output file format you want, it can be HDR or EXR. This is allows you to reapply an the tone mapping if you are not happy with the automatic tone mapping.

  10. Select a Tone Mapping xmp file which will be used as your tone mapping settings.

  11. If your photos were taken freehand with no tripod or the situation was very shaky, check the Auto Alignment option.

  12. Select your Merging option.

  13. Click Apply and you are on your way.

At this point you are able to sit back and watch as Fhotoroom shows you a step by step update of the operation.