hue balance filter

The Hue Balance filter is a color correction tool that uses our new state of the art Color Matching Technology. Unlike how any other Hue filter works, the Hue Balance filter is based on a selected color rather than the entire color spectrum. This method of working with Hues, offers a new level of adjusting specific areas in a photo without having to use any selection tools, resulting in an extremely fast workflow. The images below show how a very colorful panoramic photo is converted to a black and white photo but leaving the sky color completely unaffected or changing the sky color to something much more dramatic and moody.


All controls only affect the selected Hue and any other Hue within a Threshold range.

Invert - Makes all other controls affect all Hues except the selected Hue.

Brightness - The most common of Exposure options simply adjusts the overall brightness of a photo by uniformly adjusting the pixel values.

Saturation - Controls how bright colors are by working on all 3 main color channels at the same time.

Threshold - Controls how different a Hue can be from the selected Hue. The higher the value the more Hues are effected until the entire color spectrum is affected.

Red, Green, Blue - Controls adjust the brightness of individual channels allowing the selected Hue to be corrected to a preferred Hue such as making a sky blue more pure.

Quick Step by Step

  1. Once your photo is loaded go to Modify > Hue Balance...

  2. The first step should allows be to select your Color by clicking anywhere in your photo.

  3. Adjust the Threshold slider until the range of Hues are being effected. It maybe necessary to adjust this option a couple of times before the wanted Hue range is achieved. 

  4. Lastly adjust other options until you get your desired result.