This is dedicated to the broken and my friend who experienced it. Guy : Come with me, I'll show you paradise, a whole new world. She never knew that it was his own form of paradise, not hers. He used, cheated and humiliated her. #Broken #B_W #Lies #Cheat #Paradise Love •Credits and thanks to the willing model ~ Putting two individual pictures together is known as DoubleExposure


stefpics: Sad story :(

Posted: 2015 Jul 28 5:36:50 PM

vsmh96: Yes, unfortunately lots of people R driven by desires such as this. Sad 2 say that my friend became entangled in it. Even scars can bleed.

Posted: 2015 Jul 29 2:19:35 PM

abby-dale: WOW what an amazing photo vsmh and the words written are all so true. Even though it may be difficult we all have to pick up the pieces and hopefully

Posted: 2015 Aug 6 6:47:06 PM

vsmh96: I dont know if she'll actually recover, scars can still bleed.

Posted: 2015 Aug 12 3:44:58 AM

abby-dale: move forward and try not to make the same mistakes. Life lessons learned, sometimes can be heartbreaking. God Bless 🙏.

Posted: 2015 Aug 6 6:48:19 PM

da chipster: #Vsmh, this #Depiction is #Fascinating & #Intriguing #MyFriend, #Excellent #Work & #Dialect, 👍👍👍👍👍 #Pe@ce&#"GodBless"

Posted: 2015 Aug 9 12:24:08 PM

vsmh96: Thank you Chip ^^

Posted: 2015 Aug 12 3:45:20 AM

dr.pepper_girl: Amazing art, and so true

Posted: 2015 Aug 11 9:07:26 AM

vsmh96: Hey, thank you Pepper (hope its okay to call you that). Just wished less people had to experience it.

Posted: 2015 Aug 12 3:46:09 AM

da chipster: #YvWelcome, #Vsmh, As this was an #Honor To #View & #Digest, This #Excellent #Work, #Pe@ce&#"GodBless"

Posted: 2015 Aug 12 5:25:43 PM

dr.pepper_girl: Peppers fine:) a friend of mine went through this, it was hard but they got through it #staystrong

Posted: 2015 Aug 13 12:37:08 AM

vsmh96: Great, Pepper it is then~ its always nice to see people get back up despite what happened to them :)

Posted: 2015 Aug 14 3:33:53 PM

Posted: 2015/07/28

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