Fhotoroom is making changes to its service: http:t.coJyXTRhhfuU Thank you for the support all this while. I will still be on Instagram with the same ID. Goodbye for now.


marquesdesouza4: sad thing... it's time to download and save all the pics we can. Is there a Facebook group for the Fhotoroom users?

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 4:16:44 AM

vsmh96: Yes, i noticed one Group and one page official page by F.Room i assume. I have all my pictures but old pictures made up quite a lot of my time here.

Posted: 2015 Aug 24 2:50:56 AM

the hooded clot: sad face , thanks for all your pictures

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 12:04:32 PM

vsmh96: :( sorry. You're welcome and thank you too for the support. Will still use it for editing though.

Posted: 2015 Aug 24 2:52:23 AM

abby-dale: That is such a true statement my friend. The selfies, the tatas and butts and other anatomy parts is actually making a great site into a porn site.

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 6:10:50 PM

abby-dale: Some people on here have no respect for themselves or others. There are young people on here and they don't need to be seeing all that crap. The world

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 6:30:48 PM
abby-dale: Is already filled with hate, destruction and violence, why not fill it with love, beautiful picturesque photos not nudity where someone has to post

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 6:32:47 PM
abby-dale: themselves naked to make themselves feel better. They are either arrogant, have no self respect, or have such a low self esteem that getting perverts

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 6:34:30 PM
abby-dale: to like their photos boosts their ego. Quite sickening to go see someone's photos and they have one beautiful picture and then BAM you're hit in the

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 6:36:13 PM
abby-dale: face with something you don't want to see. Actually its quite disgusting. But, anyway, VSMH96 thank you for sharing all your wonderful photos of your

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 6:38:12 PM
abby-dale: World with us. All the best to you and God bless you always ๐Ÿ™.

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 6:39:02 PM
vsmh96: I like how you called them Tatas ๐Ÿ˜‚. Well as a guy i admit that at times im tempted too. If its like a once in a blue moon thing, im probably okay -

Posted: 2015 Aug 24 2:53:51 AM
vsmh96: With it, but a whole profile based on nudes and exposed pictures is not the way to go. Is the fame or likes justified while showing the world ur body?

Posted: 2015 Aug 24 2:55:29 AM
vsmh96: Thank you for the support along the way. I agree that this site or app still has nice pictures.

Posted: 2015 Aug 24 2:56:27 AM
vsmh96: Wish F.Room adds a report button (which i dont think they will since its a growing platform).

Posted: 2015 Aug 24 2:57:34 AM
vsmh96: I had a nice teacher whom i lost to B.Cancer, her husband left her to fight for it herself. Leaving a lady just because of that is unreasonable.

Posted: 2015 Aug 24 3:01:13 AM
vsmh96: He then went on with another women. I guess that's why have strong feelings against it. God gave them assets but (sigh) its misused.

Posted: 2015 Aug 24 3:02:37 AM
vsmh96: Some of them are even married and mothers.

Posted: 2015 Aug 24 3:05:46 AM

da chipster: #Vsmh, I'm #Following #Suit, been such a #Pleasure knowing You & Having a few #GenuineFolks, but there ARE also Your ClickGroups, & are quite#Gossipy

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 6:11:11 PM

vsmh96: Pleasure knowing you too. Ill send you an email later, we'll talk about it there~

Posted: 2015 Aug 24 3:12:58 AM

da chipster: And Just Got back home from #Tests via My #Cancer, I couldn't believe what I read, So #Photography Will be something I'll do sometime, or another,๏ฟฝ

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 6:13:11 PM

da chipster: #Selfies #T&A, #SelfRightgeousNess, I shouldn't have to #WORRY bout My Likes or comments From Anyone, But I have gotten slack from getgo #MyFriend๐Ÿ‘‰

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 6:15:04 PM

da chipster: I wish You only the #Best #VSMH96, if You ever want to holler at me, Payingit4ward@Live.Com is My Email, I have Alot on plate AGAIN, now & need to๐Ÿ‘‰

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 6:17:53 PM

da chipster: #Focus On My #Health & My #G'Chillens, I Guess I'm just a #Mockery to SOME here, But I do know whom I real & NOT!! #YOUAREAGOODMANVSMH96! All the๐Ÿ‘‰

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 6:22:26 PM

da chipster: #BestToYouMyFriend, in wherever You go, #Pe@ce&#"GodBless" โœŒ๐Ÿ‘

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 6:24:22 PM

abby-dale: But I do also want to say that there are many fine photographers on here and many real genuine people who came to a site where they all could share

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 10:25:01 PM

abby-dale: the same passion. But as the saying goes a few bad apples spoils the peck! And unfortunately you are 110% accurate. God bless and thanks again VSMH96.

Posted: 2015 Aug 21 10:26:51 PM

Posted: 2015/08/21

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