Its been awhile since I've gotten out for a morning stroll. It was 21f but hardly any wind and it was a gorgeous sunrise :)


hogman72664: Such a beauty, glad it wasn't wasted. Chilly but warming to the eyes. :)

Posted: 2016 Jan 24 3:31:48 PM

jerry0522: I do dress for the occasion so the only thing cold was the fingers on my shooting hand :D That ice block you see on the right is what I walked out on to get the shot looking north! I made sure I moved slowly haha Glad you like it David :)

Posted: 2016 Jan 28 7:35:32 PM

mariacarmen: Wow... It is a wonder, a beautiful landscape, I love the shade of blue, it is obscure... and perfect angle,you did great job on this,Jerry😊

Posted: 2016 Jan 24 4:00:48 PM

jerry0522: I'm very happy I can share my world with you Mari :) what we don't have in mountains we have in our waterways :) Thanks for your support!

Posted: 2016 Jan 28 7:38:29 PM

defimage2222: Beautiful scene here Jerry...great mix of light,colour,textures...,absolutely gorgeous sunrise :)

Posted: 2016 Jan 24 7:19:51 PM

jerry0522: That's my one great sunrise per year Dee! Hopefully I'll get lucking again soon :) Thank you my friend :)

Posted: 2016 Jan 28 7:40:31 PM

spealsycoleman: Incredible. Nature is truly beautiful, especially captured by you :):)

Posted: 2016 Jan 24 7:24:21 PM

jerry0522: aww, thanks so much Spealsy! Its so rare that I get a great sky like this I was almost in a state of shock haha Glad I recovered in time to capture it :)

Posted: 2016 Jan 28 7:42:04 PM

charmychelle: First word that springs to mind - gorgeous! πŸ’™πŸ’™

Posted: 2016 Jan 24 8:14:04 PM

jerry0522: Thank you so very much Charmy, comments like yours are so nice to hear....i do shoot for myself mostly but i shoot for my followers too!

Posted: 2016 Jan 28 7:44:29 PM

sunscapes_kbc: Stunning

Posted: 2016 Jan 25 3:28:29 AM

jerry0522: I was so thrilled when I seen how the sky was developing...then it was up to me to capture it's beauty :) Thanks Kb :)

Posted: 2016 Jan 28 7:39:31 PM

1babycupcake: Amazing really! ❀

Posted: 2016 Jan 25 4:45:42 PM

jerry0522: Glad I can share with you Monica, Its not the easiest to get out of bed on a cold dark morning with no guarantee of what kind of sky awaits me...but comments like yours make it all worthwhile :)

Posted: 2016 Jan 28 7:46:10 PM

purrfectpatty: πŸ’œ Loving it!

Posted: 2016 Jan 27 2:28:04 AM

jerry0522: So happy that you are, a favorite spot of mine to shoot :) Thanks Patty :):)

Posted: 2016 Jan 28 7:46:54 PM

1babycupcake: Things come to those who wait! Beautiful capture of an amazing sunrise Jerry!

Posted: 2016 Feb 7 3:56:09 PM

jerry0522: Yes so true Monica, Landscape photography is a game of patience :) Thanks so much :):)

Posted: 2016 Feb 11 2:44:19 PM

Posted: 2016/01/24

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