Children enjoying some kart racing, on the front #beach. #karting #Sony #edit


stefpics: Oostende ? :)

Posted: 2016 Jan 27 6:35:24 PM

mehmedpacha: No, Blankenberge. The 2 cities look very similar ;)

Posted: 2016 Jan 28 9:00:26 PM
stefpics: Ah, okay. But then again, I think all cities at the Belgian seaside look the same. Except for De Haan :)

Posted: 2016 Jan 29 6:30:48 PM
mehmedpacha: I don't know yet De Haan (even if I regularly go to Belgium since almost more than 20 years). I fully agree with you: From de Panne to Knokke-Heist, they pretty much look the same :)

Posted: 2016 Feb 3 3:36:30 PM

_marisol: Wow many people have a sea view at this place! Always enjoyable watching when the children are having fun:) What a great image :-)

Posted: 2016 Jan 29 1:17:37 AM

mehmedpacha: Thank you very much Marisol! Yes, that's the advantage of the seafront of the North sea, offering a broad overview to its inhabitants. During the summer, it's very pleasant because it becomes possible to observe the tiniest detail from the beach and the open sea.

Posted: 2016 Feb 3 5:36:36 PM

Posted: 2016/01/27

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