I've been told a cat is not Loyal. Yet I have felt Mr Gingie rubbing his face against mine as I sleep,touching my cheek with Claws carefully sheathed,expression of love? He clawed his way into my heart and wouldn't let go, does he love me?😊 πŸ’•πŸ˜˜


_alessandro_: Beautiful sweet friend!!!

Posted: 2016 May 1 12:31:27 PM

mram: Thanks Ale, I can't help praising Mr Gingie,because he has a sweet nature 😊😘

Posted: 2016 May 1 1:59:55 PM

mariacarmen: 😻 AWW... lovely pose, it seems as if he wanted to caress you,definitely he love you❀ beautiful image,friend...Me.Gingie is a great model😍 grettings ✌

Posted: 2016 May 1 1:41:55 PM

mram: Thanks Mari, gingie always wakes me up, I really think he is loyal to me,especially feeding time!!!!!!hehe😊😘 x have a great day dear Mari😊

Posted: 2016 May 1 2:04:49 PM

_marisol: IΒ΄ve grown up with cats and I know theyΒ΄re loyal, they may show it differently than a dog or any other pet. Used to be when I spent 2 months in South-Am, and came back home my cat wouldnΒ΄t leave my side at any point. Gingie is so super cute πŸ’œπŸ’œ Happy May 1st mram! 😊😊🎈🎈

Posted: 2016 May 1 1:45:23 PM

mram: That's comforting, because he does follow me around, he had it hard as a kitten spoil him.ie the odd king 🍀.hehe,Marisol words are appreciated 😘 �

Posted: 2016 May 1 2:13:54 PM

jerry0522: He most certainly is capable of love as he has shown you :) Lovely cat Mram :)

Posted: 2016 May 1 2:00:39 PM

mram: Thanks Jerry, I think he loves me,but if his claws get you, he's brought tears to my eyes on occasion.hehe😊😘 πŸ‘€

Posted: 2016 May 1 2:19:58 PM

stroppirob: Cats can be so affectionate in their own way. My one cat likes to have a little snuggle before I go to sleep at night. Gingie sounds like a gentle soul, you are both lucky to have each other ☺

Posted: 2016 May 1 4:31:28 PM

mram: Thanks Stroppirob,so sweet your cat likes to snuggle,Gingie is very gently and is my shadow,following me everywhere.😊😘 🐱

Posted: 2016 May 1 6:14:56 PM

charmychelle: Aww he most definitely loves you if he behaves like that around you! πŸ˜„ I agree with Marisol, that they are loyal but they show it differently to any other pet. They don't have as many facial expressions as say a dog so it's all about the eyes and the body language. I love his pose here, as if he is honouring the loyalty code! ✊ Beautiful photo, enjoy the rest of your weekend Marcy! 😻😘🌈

Posted: 2016 May 1 6:11:43 PM

mram: Thanks charmy, it was a friend who said a cat doesn't have loyalty, but I truly believe gingie is loyal to me,thanks for kind words 😘 😊 🐱 xx

Posted: 2016 May 2 11:45:05 AM

spealsycoleman: Well I believe my three cats love me; each in their own way. Mr Gingie looks super capable of loving you and I'm sure he does. He looks amazing and loving and adorable. You are lucky to have each other. Great picture xx :):)

Posted: 2016 May 1 9:25:30 PM

mram: Hi spealsy, I think so, he follows me everywhere,even meow outside toilet door when I need privacy.😘😊 x

Posted: 2016 May 2 11:49:56 AM

karin :): If you respect your cat and treat him with love he will show his affection to you. Cat are so intelligent and superior. I love it. What a cute one your tongue.

Posted: 2016 May 1 9:57:09 PM

mram: Thanks Karin, your right, treat with respect and love,you get plenty in return,thanks again 😊😘

Posted: 2016 May 2 11:56:20 AM

su5_6: Of course he does😊 cats are amazing 😍

Posted: 2016 May 1 10:02:54 PM

mram: su5_6 thank you,they are amazing and can be so funny 😁 especially when he starts chasing his tail.hehe😊

Posted: 2016 May 2 11:59:50 AM

rosanna 11964: Oh my! I love your cat 🐱 so cute and tender ❀

Posted: 2016 May 2 2:16:10 PM

mram: Rosanna so glad you think that, Mr Gingie has a very Sweet and calm personality,watching him playing with his sponge is funny 😁

Posted: 2016 May 2 2:56:38 PM

rosanna 11964: And yes, cats are loyal. They love their human and, in their own way, try to take care of him/her 😊

Posted: 2016 May 2 2:17:40 PM

mram: I have to admit that I do give him many treats,King Prawns 🍀,odd teaspoon of Icecream 😊😘 thanks Rosanna

Posted: 2016 May 2 3:01:00 PM

rosanna 11964: So do I with Oliver and Isotta. Pets must be spoiled 😊❀

Posted: 2016 May 2 3:06:09 PM

_fredy: Cat chooses you - not you cat !!! Beautiful photo ! πŸ‘

Posted: 2016 May 2 6:00:00 PM

mram: Hi fredy, then Mr Gingie say me coming,he use to follow me as a kitten,he would visit me everyday.Have a good evening fredy,talk soon 😊😘

Posted: 2016 May 2 7:08:53 PM

paul7054: Ah, your so good at getting good shots😊

Posted: 2016 May 3 5:47:58 PM

mram: I was so lucky with that shot, Gingie is a funny and playful cat,ready for the Camera πŸ“·πŸ˜Š

Posted: 2016 May 5 8:54:13 PM

will-d-newton: Fantastic Shot!

Posted: 2016 May 4 1:40:30 AM

mram: london73, Thank you 😊 😘 x

Posted: 2016 May 5 8:54:52 PM

staits: Beautiful kitty! Super cute πŸ’™πŸΎπŸ’™

Posted: 2016 May 4 11:44:44 PM

mram: Thanks Staits, he is a really sweet natured cat 🐱😊 🍬

Posted: 2016 May 5 8:56:11 PM

staits: Beautiful kitty! Super cute πŸ’™πŸΎπŸ’™

Posted: 2016 May 4 11:44:49 PM

will-d-newton: Thank you so much for your replies. Have a blissful evening Mram.

Posted: 2016 May 5 9:35:34 PM

mram: Sorry not replied sooner,thank you dear london,it's marcy😊😘

Posted: 2016 May 11 11:29:38 AM

hogman72664: He looks like quite a character. Beautiful looking cat :):)

Posted: 2016 May 11 10:54:32 AM

mram: Hogman I'm very lucky,because he is sweet,he came into my garden as a kitten 🐱 returning every day

Posted: 2016 May 11 11:32:40 AM
mram: He started waiting for me,always meowing,even the neighbours started to notice,they said he had chosen me!!!!

Posted: 2016 May 11 11:35:22 AM
mram: In the end the owner asked me if I wanted him,by then I had fallen for his charms,have a great day hogman😊😘

Posted: 2016 May 11 11:38:29 AM
hogman72664: Lovely story, I like happy endings. :):)

Posted: 2016 May 11 11:50:44 AM

rexie cost: He loves you unconditionally..he is awsome Prr

Posted: 2016 May 19 7:48:37 PM

mram: Hi πŸ™‹ Sweet Rexie,Gingie is a great Cat 🐱,follows me everywhere 😊😘❀ he's Prrrfect!!!!🐱

Posted: 2016 May 23 9:35:27 PM

Posted: 2016/05/01

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