Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly, Nailbomb, Cavalera Conspiracy, etc.) 11-DEC-2016 Moscow. Igor Cavalera on the right, but he is not visible)))


bigfarmer: Well I just imagine he is there in the picture 😊

Posted: 2016 Dec 13 6:33:26 AM

rust: I have a picture where he is visible ;) He's the drummer and part of he is present in this photo)))

Posted: 2016 Dec 13 1:41:44 PM

marmouzet camarade: Back to the primitive ! ;)

Posted: 2016 Dec 13 7:18:25 PM

marmouzet camarade: Max and Igor should stop their stereotypicalpseudometalshit and return to their roots (bloody roots), well... it's an opinion. But... Nice shot rust :

Posted: 2016 Dec 13 7:25:46 PM

rust: Funny opinion) Is as stereotyped as the pictures of dogs, birds, cats, fish and flowers - all time the same, but always slightly different) Serge Tankian plays different music?)))

Posted: 2016 Dec 13 7:56:22 PM
rust: I'm not deaf and clearly hear the difference between Death, Groove, Thrash and Industrial ;)

Posted: 2016 Dec 13 7:58:40 PM

marmouzet camarade: I mean that cavalera is now more in a business and yield logic... As many others :) Serj Tankian in my opinion still to be a real creative artist

Posted: 2016 Dec 13 10:38:58 PM

marmouzet camarade: I don't mean your picture is stereotypical

Posted: 2016 Dec 13 10:42:30 PM

rust: Blame my bad English) I was talking about music. Serj is a good musician. I like SOAD. But SOAD is not metal. Alternative music is not metal. And God of alternative music is Mike Patton ;) I think that this debate is pointless. We compare a square with a purple color. Agreement is not achieved. Max has no analogues. It can be compared only with itself. And he always wins)

Posted: 2016 Dec 14 4:31:09 AM

myfriendsall_lie: Brazil's flag 😃

Posted: 2016 Dec 14 10:49:29 PM

rust: The Brazilian flag is always with him! He loves his country, uses in the songs folk music elements and folk instruments. And always remember their Roots 😏 In my opinion it's very cool 😏

Posted: 2016 Dec 14 11:21:49 PM

defimage2222: Oh man....Top band...,never had the pleasure to see them live though...😎

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 3:20:42 PM

rust: ✌ I was recording video. I'll give you a link 😉

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 9:24:23 PM

Posted: 2016/12/12

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