3... 2... 1... Start! 🏨 😜


_alessandro_: 👌🕒🕑🕐🙆

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 11:31:26 AM

rust: I have a photo without points, between 3 and 2, but it was very similar to the calculator, and I didn't use it. I needed the connection numbers with time 😏

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 4:16:46 PM
_alessandro_: I Like Your creative shot!!!👌😁

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 4:26:09 PM

bigfarmer: Once again you made me smile Rust! 😄

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 5:10:28 PM

rust: I'll sell my camera and buy a red nose and red wig 🙌

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 6:42:53 PM

bigfarmer: You will be the new Popov!

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 8:18:17 PM

rust: You know Popov?! It's very strange. And unusual. But very well 😃 When I was a kid, I was in the circus on his speech. Unfortunately he was about 25 years living in Germany. This year he arrived in Russia and was surprised that he still remember and love. And died during the tour 😢 Heart failed. Too many emotions. It is very difficult to survive. In Russia he was called Sunny clown, in Germany he was called Happy Hans. Hans will be many and the sun is only one. Second never will be. By the way, its distinguishing feature is the plaid cap 😉

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 9:09:31 PM
bigfarmer: In 2009 Oleg Popov visited my hometown Enschede. He appeared to me as an absolute professional and a kind and wise man.

Posted: 2016 Dec 15 9:37:37 PM

rust: Wow... A world is closely! Let's talk about funny 😉 In this summer at the concert of Red hot chili peppers I met with guys from Amsterdam. They often comes to Russia for performances. Cheaper 😆

Posted: 2016 Dec 16 3:08:21 PM

Posted: 2016/12/15

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