Another view of this astounding architecture #Iran #Mashhad #tiles


mariacarmen: Its so beautiful 😊love detail, thanks for showing 👍👍

Posted: 2017 Feb 16 1:42:31 PM

alibhg: Thank you so much maria🙋 glad you like this pic

Posted: 2017 Feb 17 1:09:24 PM

su5_6: Impressive!

Posted: 2017 Feb 17 10:39:17 AM

alibhg: Hey Susana 🙋 how are you yeah the whole shrine is great but unfortunately I forgot to take pic I didn't had my mind with me😂

Posted: 2017 Feb 17 1:11:19 PM

_marisol: So is this the mosque´s roof? They have usually very detailed patterns. This provides a million details to observe...also love that light. It doesn´t ruin the details as they often do. Great and interesting shot! :)

Posted: 2017 Feb 26 9:14:38 PM

alibhg: Well not mosque, its the shrine for the 8th imam of Muslims, so its more than mosque :)

Posted: 2017 Feb 27 11:16:27 AM
alibhg: Oh and also I don't have much of the pics I took on my phone, they're on PC and its broken😂

Posted: 2017 Feb 27 11:18:29 AM
alibhg: Yeah lights are malicious I don't think I did anything just a tap to focus and great Lumia camera did all the thing😂

Posted: 2017 Feb 27 11:19:24 AM
alibhg: Thank you Marisol hope you liked this pic dear❤

Posted: 2017 Feb 27 11:19:53 AM

alibhg: Yeah they have many details many great halls with walls of mirrors but unfortunately I didn't took much pics I was astounded by place and forgot

Posted: 2017 Feb 27 11:17:43 AM

alibhg: You know im wondering why you haven't come to Iran😅 its a nice place to visit ( of course if you like to do it😇)

Posted: 2017 Feb 27 11:20:39 AM

_fredy: Amazing artwork and architecture👌👌👌☺

Posted: 2017 Apr 28 9:15:13 AM

alibhg: Its just one part of the whole place fredy😉 there are many similar and different things and mirror halls, even mirrors in ceiling it is always so amazing for me to be there but unfortunately this last journey I forgot to take pics of other great sights

Posted: 2017 Apr 28 8:32:50 PM

Posted: 2017/02/16

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