Today started my holidays😇, and will fly to Las Palmas island in Spain tomorrow and stay there ten days😁. Those days i will disappear and delicate my time for sea and sun thought😋. So I want leave these three photos because I don't want my friends forget me..💟😘💟


demol: I would that I was there with you together at las palmas. Beach 🏖 fun 🎉 drinks 🍸 dancing 💃 have a good time 😘😘😘

Posted: 2017 Aug 31 12:33:31 PM

sukisu: Thanks so much demol😘

Posted: 2017 Aug 31 12:37:05 PM
demol: You're my sunshine Sukisu

Posted: 2017 Aug 31 1:13:58 PM

piggiedart: Hot

Posted: 2017 Aug 31 12:41:14 PM

sukisu: Thanks😊

Posted: 2017 Aug 31 3:34:48 PM

symatokat: Çok güzelsin😇💃

Posted: 2017 Aug 31 3:20:38 PM

sukisu: Thank you sweetie😳😘

Posted: 2017 Aug 31 3:34:34 PM

will.i.aint: legs for days

Posted: 2017 Aug 31 5:03:16 PM

sukisu: Yes will😄. You sweet, thanks very much😘

Posted: 2017 Sep 14 7:39:01 AM

_alessandro_: Bene! Allora ti auguro buone ferie! Divertiti tanto e prendi tante foto! Ti aspettiamo!!! 👌🙋

Posted: 2017 Aug 31 6:53:54 PM

sukisu: Grazie mille ale😊, sei sempre gentile😘

Posted: 2017 Sep 14 7:37:49 AM

charmychelle: Passi una buona vacanza amica mia! 🌅 Sei una modella? Se non, beh dovresti essere una modella, sei bellissima! 😉 Ottimo lavoro, 🙌 A presto, divertiti! 😘🙋

Posted: 2017 Aug 31 8:54:35 PM

sukisu: Sei molto dolce e gentile michelle. Non sarò mai una modella vera ma mi basta essere modella qui, per i miei dolce amore amici. Grazie per il tuo supp

Posted: 2017 Sep 14 7:25:46 AM
sukisu: Supporto😂...ti voglio bene..grazie ancora❤😘

Posted: 2017 Sep 14 7:28:04 AM

_fredy: 🌅Good☀morning✈flying🌴Sukanya!!!🙌 Have a sunny☀-happy💃-crazy😵 holidays with lovely 💞 moments to your beautiful soul!!!OKAY!!!😎 And don't worry..

Posted: 2017 Sep 1 2:51:35 AM

_fredy: ..without your beautiful photos-I would never forget you,My dear Friend!!!💜

Posted: 2017 Sep 1 2:56:10 AM

sukisu: Im really happy to hear that fredy😁😘..well im back😎😊

Posted: 2017 Sep 14 7:29:42 AM

jerry0522: Love the design, it pulls the eyes right into you but that was going to happen anyhow :D It also works well with the geometric pattern of your outfit :):)

Posted: 2017 Sep 7 5:13:57 PM

sukisu: Thankyou so much jerry😏, I was enjoyed to tried the editors..and im happy you like what I did..thanks again😘😊

Posted: 2017 Sep 14 7:34:00 AM

lowgonlowpaw: Very good edit, have a lovely time. 😘

Posted: 2017 Sep 12 7:37:53 AM

sukisu: Thankyou very much lowgon😋. I have had a great time there😇🙌

Posted: 2017 Sep 14 7:36:11 AM

Posted: 2017/08/31

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