#nature, #clouds, #sunrise, More of the amazing clouds and sunrise this morn. Really not good quality pics. But until i get my good camera back, i still want to share some of what makes life beautiful to me. In my other pic, you can see the rainbow that was just to the left of these clouds.


_alessandro_: Amazing!!!😍

Posted: 2017 Sep 28 4:52:07 PM

kymmy442: Thank you, dear friend. I am lucky that i am able to just step out my back door, to see such beautiful things. I cannot wait to be healthy enough to travel again. I want to see other parts of the world. But im afraid, with the health expenses and cost of travel anymore, i may never get the chance. Ive never been out of the country. Id love to photograph other parts of the world. Italy would be my first stop!

Posted: 2017 Sep 29 1:34:25 PM
_alessandro_: Dearest Kymmy, I wish you from the depths of my heart, that one day you can travel and see the world, you deserve it! Force Kymmy, the world awaits you !!! A big hug!

Posted: 2017 Sep 29 9:14:25 PM

Posted: 2017/09/27

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