In Seattle for my father's funeral. Had a drink, here at Oliver's, one of the city's first "daylight" bars circa 1976. Until then bars were not allowed to have windows! I was a regular here from its opening, into the 80's. The people watching, day or night, was the best.


_marisol: ...were not allowed to have windows? So weird! Was this stupid rule valid only in Washington? I mean that in other states it would have been pretty silly. In any case, really nice shot. Was it raining in Seattle as usual hehe...

Posted: 2017 Oct 10 12:08:58 PM

jjanner: Yes, only in Washington. And the signature rain ☔ was nowhere to be found. But it's forecast to return today.

Posted: 2017 Oct 10 1:05:09 PM
jjanner: I was never sure if the daylight rule was to protect passers-by from seeing the depravity of the bar patrons, or vice-versa 😅

Posted: 2017 Oct 10 1:10:58 PM

ttomzz: ...that looks like a fitting tribute!!! Seattle is a world away from Florida...glad you got thru Irma alright...😎

Posted: 2017 Oct 16 5:52:42 PM

Posted: 2017/10/10

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