For all those who wondered if we do not have lakes in Mexico, this is one of them, this image is a small part of our lake Chapultepec very famous in our city of Mexico🌵🐎🌽, I'm sorry I could not help it, the balustrade had to be here, I love it😍, Hehe. I hope you enjoy it ... Nice Sunday for all🚣🌞


gary22: Beautiful 😊🌹

Posted: 2017 Nov 12 12:51:29 PM

mariacarmen: Thank you, Gary🙋❤

Posted: 2017 Nov 13 2:12:42 AM

bigfarmer: The balustrade does make it look classic, doesn't it? Wonderful place Mariacarmen!

Posted: 2017 Nov 12 1:03:56 PM

mariacarmen: Yes, it is! 👍😊... All this area of ​​the Chapultepec forest is decorated with this type of balustrade, it is beautiful to see it in these passages😍thanks, friend 🙋

Posted: 2017 Nov 23 4:31:41 AM

_alessandro_: Wow!!! I love so much this Awsome photo and place!!! Congrats for the beautiful edit!!! Happy Sunday to you too, Mariacarmen!!!

Posted: 2017 Nov 12 1:36:07 PM

mariacarmen: Ohh, many thanks for your opinion🙌that makes me happy😁, as you will see I am not habit to take landscapes, this time I wanted to try and edit it my way

Posted: 2017 Nov 23 4:34:58 AM

syareha: Hi maria ! Are you busy ! How are you today ? . Wahhh so beautiful photo ! I like ,i like, i like >_<

Posted: 2017 Nov 12 1:38:31 PM

mariacarmen: Hi, friend 👋I'm busy busy as always, hehe.... This is the most famous lake from my city, happy you like this shot, thank youuuuu🙋

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 2:20:25 AM

hogman72664: I love it as well. It is a very stylish frame for such a beautiful place, and it's shadows are simply wonderful. Have a great day as well:):)

Posted: 2017 Nov 12 2:13:49 PM

mariacarmen: Yes, I love shadows too😊This place is amazing, David .. With many green areas, 2 lakes and a huge zoo, it is a very important place in my city, thanks friend 👋😊

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 2:51:37 AM

stefpics2: It's a lovely image, Maria, including the balustrade and the shadows it casts :)

Posted: 2017 Nov 12 4:43:33 PM

mariacarmen: I wanted to post something different, As you know, I live in a huge city, this place is great entertainment for us Mexicans, thanks Stef🙋✨

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 2:53:56 AM

defimage2222: Beautiful location..and gorgeous tones Maria.I think the balustrade frames the image and gets the perspective on the lake😊

Posted: 2017 Nov 12 5:41:59 PM

mariacarmen: I love this place, Dee, there are much green area, zoológico and 2 lakes, I liked the idea of ​​photographing the baluster, I think they give a beautiful style to this place👍😊thank you, friend!!

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 2:57:35 AM

buzohippo: Golden image!

Posted: 2017 Nov 12 8:30:23 PM

mariacarmen: Yes a bit of gold for this autoum-winter 😁thank youuuu, Maria🙋

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 3:30:58 AM

karin :): and a beautiful one !

Posted: 2017 Nov 12 9:22:26 PM

mariacarmen: Thanks, Karin❤I love this place, it is ideal to forget a little of the chaos of my city😵

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 3:33:50 AM

mohamed71764: Amazing place and view, great pic

Posted: 2017 Nov 13 11:25:20 AM

mariacarmen: It's wonderful to have a lake inside of the city, great place for the weekends👪🚣many thanks, Mohamed🙋

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 3:37:51 AM

soderhol: Beautiful place. You can build a hide there ant take photos of birds 🐦 🐦 🐦 🐦.... 😁

Posted: 2017 Nov 14 5:19:41 AM

mariacarmen: Haha,😁 yes you know there are thousands of birds and squirrels in this place, and in the lake ducks and fish, I come back to this place soon😉

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 5:41:05 AM
mariacarmen: Thanks dear Soderhol 🙋❤

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 5:42:02 AM

javadebrah: splendid

Posted: 2017 Nov 16 12:34:16 PM

mariacarmen: Many thanks, friend.. Greetings to Iran🙋🍁

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 5:29:46 AM

_fredy: Beautiful and peaceful place through your warmth💛💛💛!!!

Posted: 2017 Nov 16 6:12:09 PM

mariacarmen: I love this place😍Surrounded by beautiful nature... I wanted to edit with a touch warm🍁

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 5:35:30 AM
mariacarmen: Gracias amigo!! 🙋🍁

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 5:36:01 AM

pini72164: Hi...maria ...what's up...

Posted: 2017 Nov 18 6:23:29 AM

mariacarmen: Hello, Pini🙋I hope you feel better, There's a lot of cold in Mexico❄🌎❄, Now I look like an ice⛄, hehe😁

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 5:32:47 AM

syareha: Ouhh .. ^_^ i hope you can rest

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 3:25:01 AM

mariacarmen: Thank youuuu, yes soon I will go to bed, now is the night🌜🌟 Thursday yet😀

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 4:16:45 AM

mohamed71764: Yes.... That's right... A place for relaxing, my pleasure Maria, you're always very welcome, have a great week ☺️👍

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 7:53:26 AM

mariacarmen: Thank you 🙋🍁

Posted: 2017 Nov 25 3:00:33 AM

syareha: ^_^

Posted: 2017 Nov 28 3:09:32 AM

Posted: 2017/11/12

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