I had a little road trip yesterday and passed the same bridge as I did a little while ago. The problem is that I don´t yet have a lens with a decent focal length at this distance. This shot was taken with the old Canon 70-200mm FD lens, its colours have been slightly faded etc...so this is the best result I got. Last night I ordered Canon´s 100-200mm lens and Canon 70-200mm EF IS USM. I actually have a Canon EF 70-200mm lens, one of those cheap plastic crap...I rather took this shot with an old manual lens than a cheap pile of plastic. The train on the bridge is going from St. Petersburg to Helsinki. It´s a pretty fast bullet train, I have tried it. Happy Saturday-evening everyone ❤ See you a little later, need to breathe a bit. Will respond to comments as much as I can. Ciao!


_alessandro_: Adoro le tonalità di colore oro e blu! Credo che sia un'abbinamento di colori, molto armonioso! Davvero ancora congratulazioni per questa straordinaria foto! I ponti della Finlandia sono molto sexy ed affascinanti! Ti auguro un felice e sereno weekend! Ciaooo!!!!!🤗😘

Posted: 2017 Nov 18 9:36:17 PM

_alessandro_: Ci sentiremo quando potrai! Take your precious time!!!!👋👋👋👪🚼

Posted: 2017 Nov 18 9:40:04 PM
_marisol: Buenas tardes...'stoy aqui! Qui úbole? De bolas que si i ponti della Finlandia sono sexy e bellissime! Dietro questo ponte del treno, ci sono altri due ponti, uno per i pedoni e uno per gli automobilisti. All'interno dell'arco del ponte è possibile vedere una struttura metallo, è il ponte pedonale. La prossima primavera farò una foto di questo stesso posto con un tempo di esposizione molto veloce, per fermare il treno sul ponte, sai? Scusami, devo andare a cambiarmi in violetta...foto da qualche parte, non so dove...ma hey, grazie tanto per il tuo commento! Serena domenica anche a te! 💗

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 12:02:25 PM
_alessandro_: 💜👌👙😍

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 12:34:52 PM

gary22: Love you t bits. 👍🌹💗

Posted: 2017 Nov 18 10:56:57 PM

_marisol: Have a serene Sunday-evening Gary! 😊

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 3:08:28 PM

hogman72664: It's still a great shot. What speed does that train travel at? I hope you enjoy the new lenses and obviously look forward to the results. No need to reply in any rush anyway. I'm currently about four days behind on replying with the odd one slipping through the net. I'm about to go missing for a month as my wife is hopefully having her operations on Wednesday. I say hopefully as she had it postponed last time due to health problems. Keep well, keep clicking 😎

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 7:53:23 AM

_marisol: Hi David. First off, sorry to hear your wife´s operation has been postponed due to health problems, Hopefully, her and your waiting is over next Wednesday and your wife will have her operation. Straight from my heart I wish all the best to her and you 💗 Canon FD manual lenses are in most cases excellent stuff. Most often, the quality beats the plastic EF lenses with a price of...say, less than 200 €. Sure, it depends on FD model, these FD lenses also have cheap stuff, but f eg my 100mm macro lens. It was Canon´s premium version at the time. Today you may find it on eBay the price of 150-300 $ depending on the condition of the lens. My lens cost me 190 $, but it´s worth every penny. Bokeh is amazing and it´s one of the best macro lens ever...I´d love to try a 1000 € EF version of the lens, but I´ll try to find a cheaper used version.

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 11:07:52 AM
_marisol: Btw, I ordered a Tamron 28-70mm lens from British Heart Foundation. Basically I wouldn´t have needed the lens, but I wanted to buy it to support them, cost only 20£, though Royal Mail didn´t hurry with the delivery, arrived 2 weeks late hehe. The speed of a train depends on the track section, 200-260 km/h. From Helsinki the trip lasts 3,5 hours, tickets from 39 €. If you like you can travel all the way to China as my friend did years ago, just need to switch the train in Russia. One day I´ll make that trip! Thank you so much. Wish all the best, esp for the next week. Have a peaceful Sunday :)

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 11:13:13 AM

laura andre: It looks amazing Marisol, love the combination of colours of the light and the sky. Thank you for sharing ❤

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 9:27:03 AM

_marisol: Thanks so much Laura and nice to hear from you! That train bridge by the way, it was built in England in the 30´s and was shipped in pieces to Finland as this country was preparing for war against Russia at this time, The Winter War if you know, and there was no time to build new bridges so our government ordered it from the UK. It´s a strong and stylish bridge and am sure it´s still standing a 100 years after. Glad you like the picture, it´s not as bad as I thought last night, I mean today it looks a bit better hehe. As for as sharing these pictures, it´s my pleasure. Happy Sunday ❤

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 1:21:36 PM

bigfarmer: Mari, you and bridges, a magical combination! Not meaning Jeff Bridges by the way :-) And what are you complaining about faded colors? On my screen they look absolutely fabulous!! I recently read a blog where someone stated that new lenses are far more better, but they are so alike that they do not have that character that old lenses have. I fully agree. Hope you keep using this lens. It is wonderful! Finally, talking about plastic: If you ever have the opportunity, try the Canon EFS 55-250 IS STM (NOT the first but second edition). This lens is very plastic, not even a metal mount ring, but it seems to perform very well. I tried to get one on Marktplaats, a kind of Dutch Ebay, but missed out :-( Normal price is about €175 and this one was offered for €90.

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 2:14:53 PM

_marisol: Hehe, I was joking with that Jeff Bridges joke with someone a while ago...yeah well, I fixed the colours afterwards but the fact is that the lens is quite old and most likely the coating that also affects the colours is already worn. I noticed it last winter, first I used ISO 100 and colours didn´t stand out properly, then I used ISO 200 & 400, and boom! They were a lot more intense. Some article claimed that this indicates to the wear of the coating but I absolutely will keep this lens. I appreciate a lot of manual lenses, esp Canon FD series. My 135mm FD fixed is just awesome, its colours come from Heaven, it beats many much more expensive EF lenses. IMO, if you wanna decent EF lens, be prepared to pay at least 300-400€ if it´s new.

Posted: 2017 Nov 20 5:55:33 PM
_marisol: I meant cheap plastic lenses in my caption. Once I had a Canon 28-80mm EF, one of the cheapest models and I was more than happy when I got rid of it. If you ever buy FD lenses, order them from Japan! They take very good care of their lenses, I´ve ordered 3 lenses from there, and all of them have been like new and besides, they have cool models available, my 135mm FD seems to be quite rare as I haven´t seen a similar model for sale in Europe- My favorite thing, the lenses! And esp Canon FD series. I´ve used them quite a lot and currently have 6 pieces. Love them all! Thanks, I´ll keep in my mind your tip of 55-250mm lens, think I should check it out on eBay tonight. Cheers!

Posted: 2017 Nov 20 6:02:45 PM
bigfarmer: Hmmm, Mari, the FD 135mm. Is it f2.0, f2.8 or f3.5? Sounds all very delicious :-)

Posted: 2017 Nov 21 12:58:24 PM

mohamed71764: So beautiful

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 7:57:59 AM

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