Snow snow snow ❄️❄️❄️


mariacarmen: Beautiful, beautiful beautiful and very beautiful 😁 Omg, all is so white, love it!!🙌, I hope the snow princess is enjoying this scenarios to the fullest❄👸❄

Posted: 2017 Dec 7 2:39:46 PM

buzohippo: Thanks a lot, dear Maria 💙 You like snow so much that I am ready to post them again and again for your pleasure 🙃😉❄️❄️❄️

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 7:37:31 PM

pini72164: Awesome 🙆 picture

Posted: 2017 Dec 7 3:32:15 PM

buzohippo: Thanks a lot 😊

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 7:37:39 PM

stefpics2: Yay yay yay ! Wonderful image, Maria. Hope to see some snow this winter :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 7 5:58:16 PM

buzohippo: 'Hope dies the last' - is a saying in Ukraine. So just keep hoping ❄️❄️❄️

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 7:38:38 PM

jerry0522: Looks like some lovely wet snow :):) Awesome shot!!! Would you believe we are still waiting for our 1st measurable snow fall...maybe Saturday :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 7 6:57:43 PM

buzohippo: Wishing you to have snow sooner as I know you will post some magnificent images 🙃❄️😉❄️

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 8:37:51 PM

_alessandro_: This is simply amazing!!! I love the snow between the branches and this wonderful scenery! I wish you a good weekend!

Posted: 2017 Dec 7 9:30:32 PM

buzohippo: Thanks a lot my dear friend Alessandro 😊 I wish you great weekend and some nice snow ❄️😉❄️

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 8:38:49 PM

charmychelle: We have a chance of snow here for at least the next few days, I would love to be able to capture scenes like this! 😁 Beautiful shot my friend! 👌👌👌

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 12:12:23 AM

buzohippo: Thanks dear Mychelle ❄️🙃❄️ and seems like you got finally some snow 😉

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 8:39:41 PM

lowgonlowpaw: I love snow shot's their always so beautiful, no snow here in the uk yet, but I live in the south so we don't get too much.👍❤

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 10:41:06 AM

buzohippo: And do you like cold weather? 😁

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 8:40:44 PM

mariacarmen: Hahaha😂I'm so happy🙌gracias mi amiga😘💗💗

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 8:08:11 PM

buzohippo: ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 8:40:53 PM

lowgonlowpaw: I do like cold weather, when you have clear sky's it's nice and sunny but really cold, really nice for a winter walk.💞

Posted: 2017 Dec 8 10:53:51 PM

karin :): natural mono beauty

Posted: 2017 Dec 9 7:52:27 AM

buzohippo: Thank you, Karin! ❄️🙃❄️

Posted: 2017 Dec 9 8:32:27 AM

ttomzz: ...just lovely!!! We are seeing some cooler weather but only for a few days, and always enjoy your shotz...😎

Posted: 2017 Dec 9 12:58:06 PM

buzohippo: Thanks a lot, Tom 😊 I am really glad to know this ❄️❄️❄️

Posted: 2017 Dec 10 8:50:55 PM

Posted: 2017/12/07

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