Hello everyone, just when I had a little bit of time for editing my laptop decides to have a major booting problem. So, not only can I not edit any photos from my camera, I can’t even upload them until/if I can get it fixed. Very frustrating but I don’t really have the time to deal with it at the moment as I have enough distractions in real life. 😩

My Dad has been formally discharged from hospital as the doctors are happy with how the surgery went, but in reality he’s still recovering and needs a lot of my help. Recently I’ve been taking him out a bit more which is very time consuming and tiring for both of us, as he still needs to make regular stops.

Finally I had some time to myself yesterday and went back to the nature reserve with my camera, though I took more shots with my phone as I don’t know when/if I’ll be able to use my laptop again. This was one of the photos that I took from my phone.

I have a lot of comments to respond to and I’ll do that as soon as I can. Many of them need detailed replies that I just can’t give at the moment...but I’ve read them all! 😊 I haven’t been able to write many comments either of late but I hope the likes make up for it. 👍 Take care everyone and I’ll catch up soon! xxx #iphone6plus #pano #blue


andy-w: Nice panoramic view. Sorry to hear about your laptop, hope you can fix it soon... Sounds like a full reinstall is needed... Might be a good time to fit a new HD or SSD drive

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 11:04:50 AM

charmychelle: I understand very little about the way these things work, I was never really good at IT in school, hated learning about all the terminology! 😌 I was thinking somewhere along those lines but it’s just so much to take in at the moment, with everything else that’s going on around me, that I need to clear my head before I can even attempt to do anything with my laptop. Thanks anyway, I appreciate that! 😊👍

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 11:18:38 AM

el murko: Awesome shot 😊 Wish your Dad and laptop speedy recoveries, and you the strength and patience to cope.

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 11:10:08 AM

charmychelle: Thank you, that’s much appreciated! 💖

Posted: 2018 Nov 1 11:41:23 PM
el murko: You're very welcome 😊 Hope both are doing a lot better.

Posted: 2018 Nov 2 2:49:23 AM
charmychelle: 👍

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 2:06:17 PM

hogman72664 or david: Stunning, a great phone shot and definitely don't worry about replies. Your likes keep us informed that you are well, even if busy. Love/best wishes to all :):)x

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 11:20:04 AM

charmychelle: Thanks my friend, I’ve just finished the replies to my “big issue” post before. While it’s great that so many were interested to debate, I needed to make sure that I gave proper responses. ☺️ There’s not so many comments to catch up on now but I won’t be able to finish them yet. Glad you like the image, I needed the blue fest to calm me a little! 😄 xxx

Posted: 2018 Nov 1 11:51:59 PM

mymanypseudos: Great view of the nature trail with a beautiful sky. The news of your dad’s recovery is great and I pray he improves rapidly. One never know how quickly surgeries recover but hopefully his will be one of the best. Good luck with the laptop issue - I had a disaster years ago with a PC crash and had not backed up 3 photo shoots. But I was able to borrow the 3 models cd of images to retrieve them. Technology runs our lives these days. I’ll be thinking of you my friend.

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 11:49:16 AM

charmychelle: Thanks for the kind wishes. Up to now I’ve simply not had the time to look at my laptop, so even if it was working I still wouldn’t have had time to do any editing. Glad you managed to retrieve your photos, yes we do rely a lot on technology these days... My dad is continuing to do ok. 👍

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 2:18:04 PM

mystmr61164: So much going on, wish you and your dad well.

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 12:35:43 PM

charmychelle: Thanks for the kind wishes.. 💖👍

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 2:19:35 PM

_marisol: Agree with Mike, so much going on, I don't know what system you're using on your laptop but if it's Windows there should be a menu where you can reboot the whole system. Menu says...start from the beginning...or something like that. Once I managed to fix my laptop by using this maneuver. But the main thing is that your dad's surgery went well and he's recovering 💝💕💝 It's great to hear from you dear 💜 Take care and see you soon 🌸💜🌸 Oh, and what a great shot! Happy Sunday 💜💜

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 3:27:29 PM

charmychelle: Hi Mari, it is Windows 10 and the problems started after it downloaded an update. 😔 It has happened once before only a few months ago, also after an update, and I was able to rescue it then, but this time a different screen is showing up. I’ve made a bootable usb but I don’t want to do anything until I’m in the right frame of mind to deal with it. I’m not very patient when it comes to computers, the terminology just gives me a headache and I would be more likely to throw my laptop out of the window in frustration! 😅

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 4:57:56 PM
charmychelle: My Dad was discharged after his final assessment but the doctor warned that the muscles hadn’t fully recovered around the plastic kneecap and so he’ll still have some difficulty in walking. We just have to be patient but he’s getting bored just staying at home and around the local area that I have to take him out and about to keep his spirits up.

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 4:58:50 PM
charmychelle: The weather was beautiful yesterday, perfect for a walk and an opportunity to get away for a while. I wanted to get a shot to share here and let you all know what was happening. 😊 There are other worries, my Mum also has some health concerns with hypertension that is being controlled with meds. She’s in the Philippines and it’s hard to be so far from her when she’s not 100%...but we speak to each other via video call almost every day and that’s comforting at least... so it’s all a bit overwhelming but I’m coping ok, and that walk was great just to clear my mind and I was able to sleep better for it. 😊 Thanks for your advice and support my dear friend, I wish you a great week! Much love, kisses to you and Sandra. 💖😘😘💖

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 5:14:19 PM

cameraal: Take your time my friend..💜

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 3:59:36 PM

charmychelle: 💖💖💖

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 2:21:00 PM

_alessandro_: Carissima Charmy, sono contento per tua papà e i progressi che sta facendo!👌 Prenditi il tuo tempo, ti capisco benissimo! Ti auguro una buona settimana e complimenti per questa straordinaria foto!👌😘💜👏👏👏👏

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 6:50:13 PM

charmychelle: Grazie ancora per il tuo sostegno, Ale, lo apprezzo moltissimo! 💖💖💖 Buon weekend a te! 😎👋

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 2:32:40 PM
_alessandro_: 😘😘😘😘

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 3:08:13 PM

buzohippo: Seems like law of Murphy is truly the one that works perfectly 🙄🙈 Hope you will have your laptop fixed! Great photo! And wishing you and your family all the best!

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 7:41:15 PM

charmychelle: Yes, that seems to be the case, unfortunately! 😩 Up to now I simply haven’t had the time to look at my laptop as there’s still so much going on here but my dad is continuing to do ok. 👍 Oh well, at least I have my phone if I have the urge to take a photo! ☺️ Thanks for the kind wishes. 💖💖💖

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 3:32:02 PM

_marisol: Dear Charmy, I have W10 too, and I have had a number of problems after W10 updates. Every time I have got rid of the issues simply by removing the latest updates. Go to Settings, then click Update and Security, then click View Update History and remove the latest updates. Simple as that 😄 or at least I hope so as I don't know what's actually wrong with your laptop

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 11:25:04 PM

_marisol: ...but hope I was able to help. Gotta go to bed, I got home about an hour ago. I was about 100km away with my friend taking bulb shots on the lake. The whole was surrounded by the fog, haze...that was evaporating from the lake. Kind eerie sight but very beautiful. Will share the 1st pic tomorrow. All the best to your dad and mom. Saludos cordiales cariño 💜 Felices sueños 🛏 Apurruños 💝💕💝

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 11:35:11 PM
_marisol: ...malditos! 'The whole area was surrounded..'..damn!

Posted: 2018 Sep 2 11:37:37 PM
charmychelle: I hope I can still get that far... I can’t even boot it up, it keeps showing a recovery screen and that I need a recovery disc to repair it (which I’ve made). It will inevitably involve me having to put in command prompts which I absolutely hate and shouldn’t attempt to do if I can’t even focus on it, one wrong command could spell disaster. 😭 There’s a chance that there’s a problem with the hard drive, and the laptop is a bit older now... That’s why I think that it’s best that I take a little break for a while and come back to it when I can focus on it better. Normally I don’t like to sleep on a problem but I just feel that I can’t deal with it right now...

Posted: 2018 Sep 3 10:21:04 AM
charmychelle: Anyway, thanks for the advice. 💖 It sounds like you were able to witness something beautiful while you were away, looking forward to seeing it! 😃 I’m about to have an early lunch, I’m hungry! 😁 Have a great day, dear Mari, catch up soon! xxx ✨☀️✨

Posted: 2018 Sep 3 10:26:48 AM

kyle1337: Oh so very glad your dad is out of there! Continued prayers for the both of you! I also hope you laptop makes an outstanding recovery as well!

Posted: 2018 Sep 5 7:33:21 AM

charmychelle: Thanks a lot Kyle, I really appreciate your thoughts! 💖💖💖

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 4:50:50 PM

_fredy: Hello 🙋 Charmychelle🌹🌹🌹 Beautiful panoramic view of the 💙delightful lake💙 I hope your computer's working again.☺ So you can talk comfortably with your mother, too. Um, this rehabilitation with your dad's been pulling for a while. And treatment always needs its time and a lot of solid will and extreme effort. This is getting more and more tiring, especially for you, right? If I can remember your troubles...today I really to admire you, and you're extremely fascinated me with your inner power, not to talk about your hearty beauty, which is very special. You're a delightful person✨💓🌈 I hope you have some help with all this. I'm very happy for you, that David to visit you!!! Such a great fighter with exceptional inner beauty has certainly filled you with enormous energy! I know exactly how much can visit such a good friend make a beautiful day and bring joy to the heart and stay there forever! What else can I tell you? Perhaps this is that I love you because you are my(salamat🙏) delightful friend✨💝✨ and although you are far away, you are in my heart and my thoughts travel to you (if I sincerely admit not always, haha..) But when they do, they are beautiful and very positive! And this you're pretty smile that drew yours beautiful lips now, keeps on yourself forever! You promise?😃 Don't worry about replies and comments here... Take time for yourself and stay strong and smiling 😊😅 The great package 📦 of the many colored flowers🌺🌼🌹 and warm hugs sending you from Slovenia💙♡❤ Have a nice day! Ciao🙋🙌 C👒🅰R💋Y!!!!

Posted: 2018 Sep 13 11:55:01 AM

charmychelle: Aww...thank you so much for your message Fredy. 💖 Earlier this week my mum returned from the Philippines so I’m having a little help at the moment, but she also has her own health concerns and I can’t expect her to do too much. I can’t pretend that the last few weeks haven’t been a test but I’m dealing with it and trying to approach each new day with a positive mind. The hardest part is being an only child and watching both of my parents have their own different health problems, it can get quite overwhelming. But they are being looked after by their doctors, they are on maintenance, I just have to keep the faith... 💖

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 6:34:39 PM
charmychelle: I was very glad that David was able to visit my town and that I was able to meet him. He has done so much for me in the past year or two and it was only right to have a chance to meet my kind and generous friend. We live quite far from each other in England so I was thankful that he had an excuse to visit my area. It really was a wonderful day when he arrived with his wife. The only thing that would have made it better was if we had a few other FR friends with us! 😉

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 6:46:16 PM
charmychelle: I’m very happy that you like my image, this lake is in one of my favourite places on earth and I’m lucky that it’s so close to home. ☺️ A walk here is so good for the mind, body and soul. 💖

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 6:52:55 PM

gary22: Don't worry your gorgeous 👍❤

Posted: 2018 Sep 15 8:26:12 PM

charmychelle: 😌😏

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 4:52:04 PM

_fredy: Hi 🙋 C👒ar💋y! I know you have now your beautiful lips drawn into a pretty smile😃 Keep it that on your fantastic face and be happy😄 Applies!🐒 My dear friend, my the best wishes for all in your area...happy weekend!!!🙆💖✨

Posted: 2018 Sep 29 9:36:35 AM

charmychelle: Thank you so much for your beautiful message, Fredy, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. 💖 I haven’t even mentioned my laptop, though it’s still not working it hasn’t been my priority as I simply haven’t had time to even think about it. There are more important things to do at the moment. You’re right, I was smiling after reading your message so thank you again for that. Have a great evening! 💖💖💖

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 6:59:12 PM

lowgonlowpaw: Don't get all stressed out darling, just look after your dad and you're self that is the main thing, give your self time to relax everything will work itself out sweetheart....💕

Posted: 2018 Sep 30 3:09:49 PM

charmychelle: Thanks for the kind words, Mike. 💖

Posted: 2018 Nov 3 6:12:13 PM

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