Version II. At 10:35 pm, a little while ago the moon was behind the forest but now at this point, it has risen to the sky. Pretty much fog on the lake! If I'd just had a rowing boat, it would´ve been amazing for boating through the mist a scene from Twin Peaks! 🌫👽


mymanypseudos: Phenomenal photography!!! Even the stars are visible. Perfection!

Posted: 2018 Sep 6 5:28:33 PM

_marisol: Phenomenal...I like that! Kindly said. The stars were indeed visible as the sky was completely clear and all that mist/fog rose up from the lake and nearby meadows. I have more these..."phenomenal" shots hehe. Approx 15, then I took some pics on the way to the lake and back home. Not gonna bother to share a similar lakeview pics every other day, but I´ll post them every once in a while. Thank you! 🌫🌫

Posted: 2018 Sep 7 5:11:38 PM

defimage2222: love it ! .., you would have had that boat a while back if it hadn't sank.., love the twin peaks reference too.., it's got that atmosphere to it for sure..,All the best Mari.., I'll try to catch up with soon..., famous last words I hear you say..., hehehe.🤔😘😉x

Posted: 2018 Sep 6 5:45:29 PM

_marisol: Hehe...that bloody boat! Btw, it´s still there, can you believe it?? Although there´s less water on the boat because the hot summer has evaporated most of it, just wait and see when the autumn rains arrive, it will re-sink haha. As for this shot, the atmosphere on the beach was magical. I jumped naked into the lake ( I don´t swim my clothes on like some others hehe..) and the water was like silk against your body. After swimming in a clean lake you don´t need any moisturizer since your skin is really soft and kinda like elastic. I swam towards the "moonbridge" which is kind of a romantic and erotic place, what a pity of having to do it alone 🤨 Being on the lake reminded me so much of the tv series Twin Peaks, that´s why I mentioned it and am glad you noticed it too. Thank you mate! Have a great vacation 💜🌸💜 I´ll be heading to Stockholm to meet my cousins next month. One of them just gave a birth to a baby girl, gonna have some mother´s talk 😄😄

Posted: 2018 Sep 7 5:43:34 PM

ttomzz: ...some people just have a magic touch!!! Beautifully shot a Huge Well's been a bit of a madhouse here, but like Dee said I'll be in touch, too...hugZ to the little Lady...😎🌴🎶

Posted: 2018 Sep 6 5:52:49 PM

_marisol: Wow...a magic touch! So very kind of you Sir! Much appreciated 💙💙 Was so fun and relaxing to take these shots but it´s also fun to edit these..editing can be sometimes boring but it´s lots of fun and interesting to edit these lake shots. ThnXx so much for your kind words. Oh...Sandra is here next to me...ok now she just climbed my lap. Now I´m giving her a hug from you. She, btw, recognizes your username even though she can´t read yet...go figure! Seems that Uncle-Tom is high on her list 😄😄 Thanks again and have a great weekend! 💜💜 Sending back hugz 🙋‍♀️💙

Posted: 2018 Sep 7 6:04:13 PM

fabi-photography: aww really stunning dear Marisol ....sunset are so peaceful ...😊

Posted: 2018 Sep 6 7:20:35 PM

_marisol: It´s actually the moon rising up to the sky. 10 to 15 minutes later it was still behind that forest you can see in the picture. Incredible night, clear sky so that the stars could have seen but lots of thick mist all over the lake and the meadows around there...loved it so much! Thank you! Merci! Bon week-end mon ami 🙋‍♀️💙💜💙🌸🌛

Posted: 2018 Sep 7 7:52:04 PM

@alvarez: is beautiful.

Posted: 2018 Sep 6 7:32:54 PM

_marisol: Así es, aqui está la naturaleza en su belleza, verdad? Yo estaba en el margen mientras la naturaleza hacía el trabajo...bueno, tal vez tomé unas fotos un poquito. Gracias por tu comentario! 👧🌸💙 P.S. Puedo preguntar de dónde eres..? 🤔

Posted: 2018 Sep 7 10:26:06 PM

mystmr61164: What a hauntingly beautiful shot. Great work Dear Marisol.

Posted: 2018 Sep 6 10:34:48 PM

_marisol: Yep, there´s some eerie atmosphere involved in this shot, and especially the ones I took on the way to the lake. Pictures of misty woods, fields, meadows etc. When we were driving to the lake, the mist spread from the fields to the road, covering the visibility so that I had to slow down many times, and even pulled over a few times. It didn´t rain but I had to use the windscreen wipers pretty much all the time. It´s a narrow and winding road with a speed limit of 50 miles per hour so I had to take it easy. But it was all worth it! Thanks Mikey. Appreciate it! 😊🌸💜

Posted: 2018 Sep 8 12:44:07 PM

hiya khondokar: 😲

Posted: 2018 Sep 7 9:00:57 AM

_marisol: 😘

Posted: 2018 Sep 7 11:03:37 PM

_fredy: Yeah - magic touch!!! Shot on the target, Sir Tom👍Bravo👍 Your pictures always manage in my eyes and soul beautiful feelings. Would be amazing for..

Posted: 2018 Sep 7 11:13:32 AM

_marisol: Not alone in the boat? Any suggestions who you want to be on the boat with me? Rafael Nadal will do, also Sean Connery if he was 50 years younger 😁 But I´ll take you to swim naked with me! 😁😁 We could play "can you find me in the fog" game. The rules of the game are simple; first I jump into the lake and swim into the fog so that you can´t see me. Then it´s your turn to jump and try to fnd me out of the fog. If you manage to find won! And you may know...winner takes it all! 🤭 Sounds funny? But note this, I´m a very good swmmer 🏊‍♀️

Posted: 2018 Sep 10 5:35:13 AM

_fredy: ..boating trough the mist...but not alone in the boat😁😁 Happy Friday🙆☀🌺

Posted: 2018 Sep 7 11:18:09 AM

_marisol: I was actually asked to be a lifeguard for a beach back in Maracaibo, I refused as I had go back home. But heyyyy, I´m so happy my pictures please your eyes and soul, that´s a great thing to hear, really! Thank you sooo much! We need to figure out some other corner for our secret meetings since apparently we have missed each other twice! Though I saw a man wearing a leather jacket on Hiekkarannatie close to Tennis Center. I assumed it´s you, but when I approached him, he took off. He knew this is a faithful woman, we have a saying in VEN concerning faithful women 'esa chica no es tonta, es como una lanza en lo oscuro', meaning this chick is not stupid, she's like a spear in the dark 😁😁 But seriously, we may meet one day. As soon as Sandra is old enough, I started traveling all over the Europe and world. Just have to wait...wish you a wonderful week! 🙋‍♀️💜💜💙💙

Posted: 2018 Sep 10 5:37:28 AM

ttomzz: ...not sure how to respond except to say I will be smiling for

Posted: 2018 Sep 7 11:38:55 PM

ttomzz: ...days now!!! You are such a Fine Lady and I am SO happy that we have an opportunity to meet an see even a small part of

Posted: 2018 Sep 7 11:45:59 PM

ttomzz: ...our separate worls... Big hugZ all around...and tell Lady S. to check on FR tomorrow for a tiny treat!!! Good morning, M'lady...😎🌴🎶⚘

Posted: 2018 Sep 7 11:49:44 PM

_alessandro_: Ohhhh.... Woooww.... Davvero complimenti per questa straordinaria foto!!! Bellissima atmosfera e paesaggio incantevole!!! Come sempre un lavoro sublime!!! Bravaaaa!!!!👌👏👏👏

Posted: 2018 Sep 8 9:49:47 AM

em1ke: But what u r doing Alone at Very evening by the lake? o.0 Great shot btw. :)

Posted: 2018 Sep 8 5:50:16 PM

bluehair31464: Fantastica Mari! 😊👏👏👏 le tue foto sono sempre stupefacenti 😘

Posted: 2018 Sep 9 12:18:52 PM

puma.luca: Ciao Mari! Che meraviglia questo scatto. La tranquillità e l' atmosfera che si respira , fanno venir voglia di stendersi sulla riva a guardare le stelle. Il rumore delle onde che dolcemente accarezzano la terra e la nebbiolina a mezza altezza che nasconde parte del panorama , creano un' atmosfera unica. Bravissima come sempre a cogliere questi momenti così profondi.

Posted: 2018 Sep 11 1:07:41 AM

foxy: I think you have patent on such's amazing my lady 😉

Posted: 2018 Sep 12 7:43:34 PM

@alvarez: Disculpa que no te haya podido contestar pero estaba desconectado andaba un poco ocupado, pero volviendo a la pregunta que me hiciste yo soy de Hermosillo estado de Sonora, pero radicó en Estados Unidos Santa Ana California, la ciudad de las playas.

Posted: 2018 Sep 29 6:53:53 PM

corssaro: Sempre Bravissima Maria impeccabile ed armoniosa👍👌

Posted: 2018 Dec 2 11:24:07 PM

Posted: 2018/09/06

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