Senate Square, Helsinki. This is a re-edit and think I posted the first version like 18 months ago. I think this picture is worth re-editing mostly due to the clouds. I recall somebody had doubts whether those clouds were photoshopped or the real deal. Well...I can tell ya, I have no damn Photoshop 😁 This beautiful church is built on a small hilltop. Actually, I can remember how those clouds came like an avalanche behind the hill creating amazing scenery. For once, I was in the right place at the right time! Doesn´t happen too often to me 😂


_alessandro_: WoooW!!! Straordinaria foto in bianco e nero! Bellissime le nuvole, che incorniciano questa bellissima architettura assieme alla grande piazza! Come sempre un grandioso lavoro!!! Brava Mari!!! Ti auguro una buona notte!!!✨⭐️✨😘

Posted: 2018 Nov 13 10:17:24 PM

_marisol: Grazie, molto grazie!! Solo un terzo del quadrato è visibile nella foto, è una grande piazza ma non la più grande della città...penso che la piazza della stazione ferroviaria sia più grande. Dannatamente!! Qualcosa è accaduto durante il processo di caricamento perché posse vedere alcuni grani nell'angolo in alto a destra!! Tutto sembrava buono sul mio schermo! Ok, non importa...grazie ancora! Ci vediamo presto! 🌸🌟🌟💙💙

Posted: 2018 Nov 14 8:06:50 PM

ttomzz: ...yea yeah yeah!!! Right place, right time and always looking for that one shot!!! Love the re-edit

Posted: 2018 Nov 13 10:45:53 PM

_marisol: put it so funny and at the same time a bit like grumpy 😂😂 You didn´t wake up with the wrong foot, didn´t ya? However, you´re right! I think we all are always looking for that one proper shot. And when you got it, your first though is "oh man, finally I was in the right place at the etc..." Thnx a lot! Hope you had a great gig and the tip jar flooded over 💰 Haven´t yet listened to your music. I´d love to see you guys on stage!! 🎵🎵😎

Posted: 2018 Nov 14 7:43:03 PM
_marisol: dammit…"thought!!!"

Posted: 2018 Nov 14 7:44:09 PM

mystmr61164: I love the dramatic effect of the clouds. The mood is amazing!

Posted: 2018 Nov 13 11:25:26 PM

_marisol: The clouds were super cool on that day. I took another picture near the railway station and the clouds looked like an explosion. I have a few more shots I took in this square. The clouds are just as dramatic as in this picture. Just realized I haven't shared any of them...damn, need to fix this and start editing. Thank you Mike 🙂

Posted: 2018 Nov 14 9:19:32 PM

ian.underthesea: This is really beautiful and well worth revisiting! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be there just at that special moment as you have managed with this shot? Thanks again for sharing and well done 😍🙏

Posted: 2018 Nov 14 11:03:02 AM

puma.luca: Ciao Mari, scusa se non ti ho risposto nei commenti alle mie foto, cerco di riassumere. Ti ringrazio tanto per gli auguri di compleanno. Anche se era domenica, quel giorno ho lavorato a casa ma di sera mi sono ripreso con una bella cena.... non posso rischiare di rimanere senza energie!!😁 Mi dispiace tantissimo per la perdita di tuo Zio, é una cosa brutta ma bisogna farci l' abitudine, la vita ci regala gioie e purtroppo anche dolori. Un abbraccio forte forte. Tornando a noi, mi ricordo di questa immagine che ora hai trasformato con un effetto scintillante ma un po' drammatico, lo adoro. Ho l' impressione che le nuvole sulla destra siano bruciate, il bianco é molto vivo. É fantastica questa immagine, come hai fatto ad ottenere questo effetto? Più ci guardo e più mi innamoro. Brava brava brava!!!

Posted: 2018 Nov 14 11:40:37 AM

ttomzz: ...never grumpy where you are concerned and you probably don't want to listen anyway...hehe...if you want I can send you a YouTube link...and ThankX, M'lady!!! 😎🌴

Posted: 2018 Nov 14 11:46:38 PM

_marisol: Hell yeah!! Please send that link and I'll check you guys out immediately when I get the link! Is it the band's channel or some of your fan's? I mean if it's the band's (or yours...?) I will subscribe and give likes and perhaps leave a comment. Oh yeah, can't wait!! 😃👍👍👍

Posted: 2018 Nov 16 6:28:55 AM

jj*: Dramatical & stunning pic...a great job Mari!! <3

Posted: 2018 Nov 15 4:41:28 PM

_marisol: Thanks Jochen (is it correctly spelled, your name I mean). There's some crap (grains) on the right corner and I have no clue where they came from. Before I uploaded the picture, everything was fine, it was nice and clear on my screen, something weird happened during the upload process. That sux, but what can you do? Have a great weekend and come for a visit again! 😃💜

Posted: 2018 Nov 16 6:39:04 AM

noble1162: You are a genius..what's the name of the Church ?

Posted: 2018 Nov 17 10:08:59 PM

bigfarmer: So, this one did not appear in my feed :-( Regarding the photo: I can imagine your thought to re-edit the photo because of the clouds. The are amazing! Glorious building too!

Posted: 2018 Nov 19 9:27:01 AM

bluehair31464: Mari..sono senza parole..È un'immagine stupenda! di forte impatto 👏👏👏👏❤

Posted: 2018 Nov 21 3:09:48 PM

swesley: awesome image... :)

Posted: 2018 Nov 28 4:14:17 AM

Posted: 2018/11/13

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