#sunrises, #northdakota, #oilfields, A common sight in eastern Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and South Dakota. The ever present "nodding donkey" jackpumps. Credit for the original pic, goes to a dear friend who is out in these fields from 4am till the work is done, as late as 10pm. Dedicated to BJ.


mymanypseudos: We have soooo many oil pump jacks in Texas. Far too many. 🙈

Posted: 2018 Nov 20 5:11:42 PM

kymmy442: Quite a few up here in the "Bakken" too. Not as many in one place, as in Texas, but we have the pipeline coming through now too.

Posted: 2018 Nov 20 5:45:31 PM

kymmy442: I think the fact that there are so many...such a common sight...that they arent captured as a subject in pics. Seeing them every day, makes them ugly for pics for alot of folks. I see things with a bit different eye. As i say with alot of my pics...seeing beauty in the smallest or most common of things.

Posted: 2018 Nov 20 5:50:38 PM

mymanypseudos: Yes, I know about “that” pipeline. Been in the news for sometime. 🙈 Enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and friends. 😘

Posted: 2018 Nov 21 12:32:08 AM

kymmy442: Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I have alot to be thankful for. In many ways.

Posted: 2018 Nov 21 3:53:57 AM

bigfarmer: Absolutely super duper shot by BJ Kymmy!! Love it!

Posted: 2018 Nov 22 10:01:33 AM

kymmy442: Thank you! I will tell him! 💜

Posted: 2018 Nov 22 3:17:43 PM

_marisol: This is soooo familiar sight to me as my father is a petrochemical engineer (now working in UAE). Once took me down to Maracaibo Lake all the way the area where there are tons...no, millions of drilling pumps. Some of them are sitting on the ground, but most of them are in the Lake (it´s an inner sea actually). Seeing all those towers in the dark (was dark when we get there) was a confusing experience! All I was able to see was millions of red lights in the middle of nowhere, they were red warning lights in the towers. But it looked so surreal at dark night! Isn´t it the fact that there are huge oil fields in northern Montana? Just read about it. Hope it will bring jobs, prosperity etc...great image and sorry for the long comment...couldn´t help my self! 😀😀

Posted: 2018 Dec 9 6:56:24 PM

_marisol: *once he took me...

Posted: 2018 Dec 9 6:57:19 PM

kymmy442: Here in eastern Montana and western North Dakota, we have whats called the Bakken formation. A very old, vast oil deposit. People from all over the country come here to work. There are ups and downs to that, of course. When production is good...it can be bad for locals. Prices of everything are hiked up and unaffordable. Then when it slows...we lose businesses and things. But it can be very good at times. It can be a fickle market. But its what we have. And cattle. Lol. Tourism in the west. Dinosaurs and oil in the east. Lol.

Posted: 2018 Dec 10 10:21:18 PM

Posted: 2018/11/20

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