So, I shot this with a 1962 Agfa Selecta, with a fixed 45mm Color-Apotar f/2.8 lens, on Kodak T-Max 100 using the sunny-16 rule. I think the statue is absolutely magnificent. If you look long enough at it, it starts to look like a live model, fully painted black. I was lucky with the light reflecting off an opposite window, but it made my estimation of the settings more difficult. If I recall well, I used 1/60th and f3.2-ish (the aperture ring is stepless). I had to resize this photo massively because FR does not accept its original file size, so some of the quality is lost.

#AgfaSelecta #Statue #Bronze #KodakTMax100 #Sunny16


piotr41664: fantasic

Posted: 2018 Dec 14 4:16:12 AM

piotr41664: fantastic😁😀

Posted: 2018 Dec 14 4:17:22 AM

bigfarmer: Thank you Piotr!

Posted: 2018 Dec 15 2:52:04 PM

mariacarmen: Aw😍love The pose of the model , it is appreciated beautifully in b & w👌👌

Posted: 2018 Dec 15 1:13:07 AM

bigfarmer: It is so true to life that I really wonder how this was made. Maybe they used plaster as a mold or something. Because I had to reduce the size of the photo some detail was lost, especially on her face (because it is darker). She looked like she was totally at peace with herself and that made me feel relaxed as well. Interesting effect! Thank you MariaCarmen!

Posted: 2018 Dec 15 2:58:58 PM

Posted: 2018/12/13

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