Cold afternoon after the blizzard produced some impressive sun dogs. iPhone photo does not do them justice.


cameraal: Impressive!! 👏👏

Posted: 2018 Dec 29 12:00:01 AM

jackrwalrus: These were nothing compared to the next morning. The left side (north) dog shown as a column of color that lit up a hillside that is no more than a quarter mile from our driveway. There is a pond, currently frozen and snow covered, that was probably illuminated like the hillside, though I couldn’t see it from where I stood. It was -10 F and I needed to get to work early so I didn’t go exploring.

Posted: 2019 Jan 1 6:21:25 PM

_fredy: Amazing 😎

Posted: 2018 Dec 30 4:01:44 PM

jackrwalrus: Thanks!

Posted: 2019 Jan 1 6:21:57 PM

_fredy: Happy new year Jack! :))

Posted: 2019 Jan 1 7:50:40 PM

jackrwalrus: Happy New Year, fredy!

Posted: 2019 Jan 2 1:29:13 AM

charmychelle: It’s an amazing phenomenon and your phone captured it ok! ☺️👍

Posted: 2019 Jan 4 11:50:29 AM

jackrwalrus: I'd rate it ok, also. Thanks for liking it.

Posted: 2019 Jan 5 5:02:13 AM

markiv: Super 👌

Posted: 2019 Jan 19 5:51:07 PM

jackrwalrus: Thanks.

Posted: 2019 Jan 23 7:21:13 PM

Posted: 2018/12/28

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