So, I already knew since last year that this year, in the early morning of January 4th, the annual cloud of Quadrantids would pass Earth again. This year was special, because the intensity of Quadrantids (falling stars for normal Earthlings) would be very high. In between 120 and 170 per hour.
I prepared well. Got my tripod ready, selected my brightest lens and tested Live Composite mode on my camera. (live Composite is one of the nice features of Olympus cameras). I also selected a location where I would have a good view to the East and would not be hindered by traffic lights.

Got up at 05:00 AM and went on my way!
Clouds and rain……..
Nothing to see…….
Bad language!

So, here is a nice, old and forgotten fence from the same location, facing West.
Shot on November 30th, when I selected my location for January 4th.

Next opportunity to see Quadrantids in the same intensity: 2085.
I need to live a very healthy life the next few years :-)

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cameraal: The best laid plans of men and mice...😩

Posted: 2019 Jan 4 7:54:41 AM

bigfarmer: Hehehe!! :-))

Posted: 2019 Jan 4 10:21:01 AM

buzohippo: That's frustrating. Though on the other hand such a great motivation to be healthy and live a reasonable and good life! My granny and hubby's grandpa are 92, and I guess they are giving us a great example of living a long life especially taking into consideration that they both survived WWII. So wishing you good luck next time 😉

Posted: 2019 Jan 4 8:19:00 AM

bigfarmer: Well...on my mother's side of the family they all get far into the ninetees and with improved health and medical care I might make a chance. I will be 119 then, so still pretty young. Let's just hope for a clear sky! :-)

Posted: 2019 Jan 4 10:25:42 AM

kida_carciu: Good start for 2019 . You are sharing a very important healthy living for the next generation that are coming 👍👌🌱

Posted: 2019 Jan 4 9:10:39 AM

bigfarmer: Thank you Kida!!

Posted: 2019 Jan 4 10:26:04 AM

ttomzz: ...damn, but at least you were prepared and ready to go for it...the next time you need a long term forecast...Good luck on that 119...still a fine shot...😎👏

Posted: 2019 Jan 4 12:37:23 PM

bigfarmer: Hahaha! Thanks Tom!!!

Posted: 2019 Jan 14 12:51:47 PM

karin :): wat een pech zeg...ik wens je lang en heel fit leven toe. wie weet lukt t je. zeg nooit nooit..

Posted: 2019 Jan 4 1:43:18 PM

bigfarmer: Zo is het maar net :-))

Posted: 2019 Jan 14 12:52:04 PM

hogman72664 or david: That's what happens. I took a weeks holiday on Sark for it's dark skies, hoping for some stars. Cloudy all week until the night we left. Nice shot anyway 👍

Posted: 2019 Jan 4 1:46:55 PM

bigfarmer: Yep, we are quite similar David :-) Thanks!!

Posted: 2019 Jan 14 12:52:51 PM

mariacarmen: What a great photo adequate to your story👌👌, yes, there will always be obstacles that unpainted our meetings, but only for a moment😉

Posted: 2019 Jan 5 4:23:13 AM

bigfarmer: Thank you MariaCarmen!

Posted: 2019 Jan 14 12:53:25 PM

stefpics2: De laatste bloedmaan liep hier ook af met een sisser. Ik was er klaar voor, maar toen gooide de bewolking roet in het eten 🙄

Posted: 2019 Jan 5 9:11:19 AM

bigfarmer: Ach ja, dat kan ik mij ook nog zo goed herinneren. Heel veel volk op de been en niks te zien. Wel gezellig en ik heb toen, zo'n beetje voor het eerst van mijn leven, zeer adrem op een vraag van een schone jonge dame gereageerd. Ik stond daar met mijn camera en statief gereed, toen ze aan kwam fietsen en vroeg: "Staat u hier op de maan te wachten?' Ik: "Nee mevrouw, ik sta hier al de hele tijd op u te wachten!" :-))

Posted: 2019 Jan 14 12:58:16 PM
stefpics2: 👌

Posted: 2019 Jan 14 2:45:27 PM

Posted: 2019/01/04

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