this pole on the beach shows how high the sea was at very extreme times. In 1953 3/4 of the Island was under water. Salt seawater, which is a disaster for land and houses. That's why there is hardly any forest and old houses have salt in the walls. #sadness #smfc


buzohippo: Hard to imagine such level of sea 😮

Posted: 2019 Jan 6 8:40:53 PM

el murko: Wow! Living on an island prone to storm surges, I know well what this means. Luckily I've only seen 2-3m in my time here, but 7-8m is possible given a big enough hurricane.

Posted: 2019 Jan 6 8:51:22 PM

karin :): 2 -3 meters is normal here. we live under sea level. But dunes and dikes protect us better these days. But never say never..

Posted: 2019 Jan 6 9:29:44 PM

ttomzz: ...a wise saying!!! I didn't realize the damage done to the forest...incredible image too, M'lady...😎🌴🎶

Posted: 2019 Jan 7 12:32:20 AM

mariacarmen: Fabulous demonstration 👍👍

Posted: 2019 Jan 7 1:50:30 AM

stefpics2: Het waren zware tijden toen

Posted: 2019 Jan 7 5:55:12 PM

jj*: oh well...let's not forget about this tragic situation!!

Posted: 2019 Jan 9 3:03:28 PM

karin :)
Posted: 2019/01/06

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