Here's another shot from the other day , on the same street as the last post , just looking in the other direction . phone shot and edit .


_marisol: Hola Dee. What´s up? What you´ve been up to? Pretty light contrast about this shot but it´s working. Hey btw, do you have that zig-zag pattern painted on the road just before the junction like they have in London or other big cities? Can´t see any in this picture. Not sure if you remember the KSD pics 🔪 any chance to make a re-visit to the ksd house one more time? 😈 I´d love it!! 👿👿 tho it´s up to you! Happy weekend! 🌺💙💙

Posted: 2019 Jan 11 12:25:26 AM

defimage2222: Hola Mari ! .., and a good morning to you petal 😘 . Haha.., yeah , kept the contrast to a minimum for this one.., didn't think this shot would make the cut , but you know me after a couple of edits , hehe . We got zig zags ! , but not at this junction , we have them near pedestrian crossings , or zebra crossings known in this country . I'LL look out for a k.s.d..,try and find a suitable building for it.., watch this space ! .

Posted: 2019 Jan 11 7:49:32 AM

Posted: 2019/01/10

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