I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Christmas with the family, all the best for this new year :-)


_marisol: I had the most wonderful Christmas, thou in New Year I was at work but right after my last shift we went to the ski resort for a short holiday. But what a stunnig capture! The birghtness of the image is fascinating. Love the colourful foreground and the top is obviously to brighten the sun or daylight while the middle is this bird that I assume is hawk, perhaps a buzzard, though I don´t know very well birds so soon you tell me it´s a big owl 😀 Either way, it´s a great shot & image. Bravissimo!! 👍👍👍

Posted: 2019 Jan 11 1:21:18 AM

leew: So glad you enjoyed the Christmas period Marisol.. The Bird of prey is a Barn Owl, the small clue would be the barn in the background :-).. Wish you and family good health for the coming years

Posted: 2019 Jan 11 11:44:55 PM

cameraal: This is such a beautiful capture..just lovely ! Enjoy the new year!!

Posted: 2019 Jan 11 8:05:20 AM

karin :): i wish you all the same

Posted: 2019 Jan 11 1:27:31 PM

Posted: 2019/01/11

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