Stockholm by night. A slightly different spot than in the previous night shot. I have no tripod here, so all of these night shots are handheld shots using a high ISO and max or almost max aperture. There´s a small slice of the Old Town on the left and in the middle is Blasieholmen that belongs to Norrmalm which is the actual city center, and on the right there´s Skeppsholmen. I´m staying near that high rise building which you can see above the Old Town. I have spiced the edit with Topaz Electrified software that I love esp in night shots (cityscape). The best thing about the software is that all the parameters are adjustable. I edited that crane to look like it was well lit, think it looks pretty neat 😃 This is the last picture I post here. I have a flight booked for tomorrow and it looks like I´m arriving home during a snowstorm, 5 to 10 cm snow coming up tomorrow! But´s winter now ❄❄❄ Wish you all a super great weekend! See ya! 💗💗


_alessandro_: Woooww!!! Un'altro grandioso scatto! Bella Stoccolma di notte, e scattare senza treppiede, è davvero una bella impresa, ma vedo che il risultato è davvero ottimo!👍👏👏👏 Ti auguro un grandioso weekend, cara Marisol! Buon rientro a casa!😘👋👋👋

Posted: 2019 Jan 18 10:03:34 PM

_marisol: Ciaooo!!! Sono a casa! Il mio rientro è andato bene e in sicurezza, anche se la nevicata era molto densa quando l'aereo è atterrato. Sabes q..? Devo tornare tra 3 settimane!! Mio cugino ha bisogno di una babysitter (sono io!!!), lei bisogno di una piccola pausa e si recherà in Olanda per alcuni giorni di vacanza. Bien, un nuovo viaggio a Stoccolma il 13 febbraio. Sì, senza treppiede!! è stato molto impegnativo, molto spesso ho dovuto usare il valore ISO di 500, 800, mia fotocamera è in grado di scattare foto con un valore ISO di 1600-2000, ma poi la qualità dell'immagine inizia a deteriorarsi...anche se dipende sempre dalla quantità di luce e condizioni. Sono felice che ti sia piaciuta la foto! Grazie davvero!! Buona notte!! 🌛 Ti mando un bacione della buonanotte 🌺💗 A presto!!

Posted: 2019 Jan 20 1:29:56 AM
_alessandro_: Ciaooo!!! Bentornate a casa!!!👍Davvero farai la babysitter? Bueno... sei davvero una brava cuginetta!😊 Lo so... la tua fotocamera è davvero eccezionale!💯 Buona notte Mari, a presto!👍😘🌸🌼

Posted: 2019 Jan 20 1:34:27 AM
_marisol: 💗 parliamo di più domani! Sogni d'oro 💤💤💤

Posted: 2019 Jan 20 1:41:08 AM

cameraal: See ya!! Stay frosty, but keep warm!! ⛄😊🎿

Posted: 2019 Jan 18 10:25:35 PM

_marisol: to do that at the same time??? My flight arrived 3 pm and I was fine until I got out the plane...a fricken snowfall and a freezing wind was killing me. You know how windy airports are! It´s night here and still snowing. We have approx 5 times more snow than in Stockholm where I have to travel again after three weeks (it´s a babysitting thing). But hey, isnt´it pretty snowy in Colorado too?? Cheers Al! And...see ya!! 😃❄❄❄

Posted: 2019 Jan 20 1:38:43 AM

el murko: Another beauty, and the crane looks flippin' awesome! 👍👍👍👍👍

Posted: 2019 Jan 19 2:48:52 AM

_marisol: Yea I had a lot of fun with that crane. At first I edited all cranes like the bright one, then I had a second thought, it might be too much. I was staying so close to those cranes. It´s the heart of the city center and to be honest, I don´t like the area, no soul, it´s dull and too clinical. I´d rather go to Södermalm or Kungsholmen, not to mention The Old Town that is a real gem. Holy moly! We´ve got so much snow that I don´t even remember the last time we had this much, just last night the snow fell about 40 cm, but it has snowed for many days in a row so there´s plenty of snow just everywhere! 2 hours ago I went out for a walk and to admire how beautiful the winter can be, took a few photos too. I know you hate cold weather but I bet this sight would amaze and please you too. It´s fun how so many cars has a 60-70 cm snow cover 😁 Luckily my Kia is in a warm garage. Thanks a lot for ur comment! Have a laid back Sunday! 😃❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄

Posted: 2019 Jan 20 9:41:30 AM
el murko: Oh, I can certainly appreciate the beauty in a snowy winter scene 😁🌲❄️☃️ Especially from afar haha! Jeez, that's a lot of snow! I do love that crunch underfoot as you walk through it, but would rather have warm sand between my toes 😂 Well, I thought you got this edit just right! It looks dreamy with the purples and reflections, with the highlights to make it pop. Hope you're having a great Sunday, stay warm 😁😎🧤🧦🧣🔥

Posted: 2019 Jan 20 2:40:10 PM

karin :): take care and stay safe, beautiful city @

Posted: 2019 Jan 19 7:15:51 AM

_marisol: Back home safely, though we landed during a snowfall and the plane was waving in the wind pretty nicely 😃 I need go back in three weeks. My cousin and her hubby needs a babysitter because they booked a short holiday...guess where? In Rotterdam! A great choice I´d say...everybody always goes to Amsterdam, I think Rotterdam is somehow in the shadow of Amsterdam, even though the city is really stunning and full of history and fine architecture. During my trip we´ve got 60-70 cm snow. It´s really beautiful outside and I took some photos on my morning stroll. Dankje wel Karin ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄

Posted: 2019 Jan 20 9:55:54 AM

markiv: Your photos and editing is as always excellent, superb... List can go on😊... How you have a chilled warm weekend at home❄☕

Posted: 2019 Jan 19 5:55:33 PM

_marisol: Aww...that´s such a great thing to hear. I´ve put so much effort to create my own workflow. Basically, I use 2 or 3 different software and I always finish my editing with Lightroom, always. It´s a great basic software and it might take some time to learn to use it properly but when you get it, you can edit your photos in real detail and accurately. How I´m chilling? With an enormous amount of snow! We got almost half a meter of snow last night plus it´s been snowing all the time during my trip. Not sure if I´ve ever seen this much snow in this city! Plowing cars are driving around everywhere. Thanks so much for your nice comment! Have a laid back Sunday! 😃🌺🌴🌴❄❄

Posted: 2019 Jan 20 12:39:24 PM

Posted: 2019/01/18

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