_marisol: Hello Robert! Great to see you! Love your pants, real cool! 👍 While you guys are enjoying the summer we're having a fricken cold weather, it's -18 here in Helsinki and tons of snow! We had two snowstorms in a row...nevermind, is winter! 😁😁 Hope to see more pics from you mate! Have a fantastic week! 🙋‍♀️❄❄❄

Posted: 2019 Jan 21 9:36:11 AM

robert m jacob: you are to kind ma'am , come visit Australia we have it all never boring moments 😁

Posted: 2019 Jan 21 4:59:48 PM

_marisol: If I could do it now I wouldn't hesitate for a second. Love Australia and some day I'll visit there, that's for sure 😃

Posted: 2019 Jan 22 12:41:07 AM

robert m jacob: see you one day down under the home of Southern Cross.

Posted: 2019 Jan 22 1:40:55 AM

buzohippo: I even don't know what I like more your outfit or the table and the stool 🙂

Posted: 2019 Jan 22 10:37:19 AM

robert m jacob: colourful I know,than again life is also colourful and I am big fan of FUZZY BEAR yes im still a kid at heart.

Posted: 2019 Jan 22 3:23:34 PM

robert m jacob
Posted: 2019/01/21

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