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_marisol: Love the gentle copper tone in the water. Currently sailing, soon entering the archipelago of Turku as the ship will stop in Mariehamn for taxing reasons 😁 1:50 am, gotta find something to eat, then will head to bed. Stockholm at 10 am local time. +7 tomorrow in Stockholm, yay! And Friday up to +9!! No more -22 haha 😀😀 Hope everything's good with ya. Really like your picture 👍👍 Take care mate! Talk to you later. Good night 🌛

Posted: 2019 Feb 13 11:50:40 PM

el murko: Thanks very much Mari 😊 Omg, yay at +7? Haha. I guess that must feel tropical after -22, but how were the temps in Venezuela? Everything is very good here, thanks. Work's going well, working on an outside dining table at the moment, and the weather has been gorgeous, 27 and hot sun. Breeze died down today and the bay was like glass. I got a good pic but didn't want to post it here yet, cos I just posted the same view lol. Enjoy your trip away and safe travels!! Good night and sleep well 😴🛳️🌜😊

Posted: 2019 Feb 14 12:58:52 AM

buzohippo: What a view 😍

Posted: 2019 Feb 14 6:23:53 PM

el murko: Isn't it! This is 30 seconds walk from my door. I love the ever changing colours of the water and sky, day and night, and the coconuts throw some cool shapes. Have a great weekend, Maria 😊😊

Posted: 2019 Feb 15 3:35:17 AM

el murko
Posted: 2019/02/13

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