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da chipster:

Original by da chipster

Posted: 2015/11/08
charmychelle: What a beautiful image Chipster, I absolutely love it! God bless 😊

Posted: 2015 Nov 8 3:35:05 PM
_alessandro_: Wow!!! Super Amazing picture!!! Great work!!! Beautiful colors!!! Congrats!!!

Posted: 2015 Nov 8 4:13:43 PM
spealsycoleman: So great to see you and this is simply an awesome image. Love it and all the best xx

Posted: 2015 Nov 8 4:43:42 PM
fhelge: Hey #MyFriend, #so#so#so#GOOD#2#have#U#back#here! And what a#stunning#extraordinary#picture!

Posted: 2015 Nov 8 5:22:49 PM
mariacarmen: Wow,friend...view,color,reflections looks truly wonderful,love it😍 great job,ChipsterπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘

Posted: 2015 Nov 8 5:28:57 PM

da chipster:

Original by da chipster

Posted: 2015/08/19
_marisol: Such a fantastic pano Chip. We see too little panos here in Fr, this is a great example that we should take more them. Great work Chip :):)

Posted: 2015 Aug 19 3:08:54 PM
abby-dale: Great capture. Considering I know what this bridge personally looks like, you have done an amazing perspective of it. Am so proud of your photos and

Posted: 2015 Aug 19 3:54:46 PM
abby-dale: am so excited that you are taking such a keen interest in something that I have enjoyed for years. You have a great eye for detail. Great job. ILU πŸ’œοΏ½

Posted: 2015 Aug 19 3:57:28 PM
neacaisa17: Absolutely fantastic, I love it πŸ‘

Posted: 2015 Aug 19 5:18:30 PM
hogman72664: Well I'm so glad you're doing this. I love it. Was tempted to look on my phone but knew it wouldn't do justice to this

Posted: 2015 Aug 19 5:34:00 PM

da chipster:

Original by da chipster

Posted: 2015/08/17
hogman72664: Love this one, great sense of depth. The light and shadows play a great part in that. Really short of long bridges in this part of the world. :)

Posted: 2015 Aug 17 12:08:27 PM
kanleyhk: Awesome jobs ^^

Posted: 2015 Aug 17 12:48:13 PM
myrrahsong: awesomely cool perspective chipster! love it

Posted: 2015 Aug 17 1:00:45 PM
jerry0522: That's a great walking bridge and capture!

Posted: 2015 Aug 17 2:38:53 PM
mariacarmen: Ohh,great perspective,love to see many lines,fantastic shadows,good job!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Posted: 2015 Aug 17 3:38:27 PM

da chipster:

Original by da chipster

Posted: 2015/08/13
hogman72664: Oh so fascinating info. I've watched bees do this many times and it never fails to impress as does this photo.Absolutely brilliant on

Posted: 2015 Aug 13 1:52:28 PM
hogman72664: so many levels. Love it all, the colours,details the bee and of course the actual activity of harvesting.Congratulations on all this brilliance :):)

Posted: 2015 Aug 13 1:54:44 PM
karin :): What an observation and a beautiful picture to tell the story ! My compliments

Posted: 2015 Aug 13 3:02:52 PM
alejandra garcia: WOOOOWWW!!!! Beautiful

Posted: 2015 Aug 13 3:38:31 PM
stefpics: Wonderful shot and most interesting info :)

Posted: 2015 Aug 13 4:40:07 PM

da chipster:

Original by da chipster

Posted: 2015/08/05
neacaisa17: Amazing shotπŸ‘Œ. Beautiful reflection, nature, clouds...masterpiece πŸ‘

Posted: 2015 Aug 5 11:28:28 AM
kanleyhk: Beautiful :):)

Posted: 2015 Aug 5 11:33:46 AM
_alessandro_: Wow! Amazing capture! Beautiful colors!!!

Posted: 2015 Aug 5 12:18:53 PM
kmicht: Wow 😊😊 really nice mr chipster

Posted: 2015 Aug 5 1:22:14 PM
mariacarmen: Great captureπŸ‘ the position of the image and reflection are fabulous 😎

Posted: 2015 Aug 5 1:27:19 PM

da chipster:

Original by da chipster

Posted: 2015/07/27
spealsycoleman: Just pure cuteness and awesomeness :):)

Posted: 2015 Jul 27 10:06:31 PM
_alessandro_: Hi dear "friends" 😊

Posted: 2015 Jul 27 10:57:17 PM
defimage2222: Your a good man for sure chipster...all the best...😊

Posted: 2015 Jul 27 11:07:11 PM
abby-dale: Aww isn't Ernie so cute, oh and you're not too bad yourself! πŸ’‹ we all had a blast that day. God Bless πŸ™

Posted: 2015 Jul 27 11:46:32 PM
mariacarmen: Aww...incredible image..lovely dog 😊🐩 glad to see you,friend!!

Posted: 2015 Jul 28 12:38:25 AM

da chipster:

Original by da chipster

Posted: 2015/07/19
_alessandro_: Very beautiful immage! Congratulation!

Posted: 2015 Jul 19 6:32:45 PM
rose: Such a beautiful Eagle! Great capture Chip! :) :)

Posted: 2015 Jul 19 7:11:53 PM
myrrahsong: well i for one think she deserves internet notoriety chipster :o) beautiful capture of a beautiful bird!

Posted: 2015 Jul 19 7:16:42 PM
spealsycoleman: Oh my goodness, what an absolute perfect creature. Absolute beauty and a perfect portrait :):)

Posted: 2015 Jul 19 8:21:30 PM
mariacarmen: Aww,,,looks fantastic..I love this bird,,beautiful capture,well done,ChipsterπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Posted: 2015 Jul 19 10:11:14 PM

da chipster:

Original by da chipster

Posted: 2015/07/12
neacaisa17: It's absolutely fantastic. I love it πŸ’›. Beautiful and refreshing photo . God bless

Posted: 2015 Jul 12 3:14:59 PM
markiv: πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

Posted: 2015 Jul 12 4:22:56 PM
stefpics: Wonderful, Chipster. Love the raindrops, especially on the pistil :)

Posted: 2015 Jul 12 5:39:00 PM
beloved27050: Nice photo

Posted: 2015 Jul 12 5:54:38 PM
spealsycoleman: Wow, what awesomeness you have brought us, Such beautiful colours; love this :):)

Posted: 2015 Jul 12 6:07:27 PM

da chipster:

Original by da chipster

Posted: 2015/06/30
choppersion83: Gooooooooooorgeouss Pic!!!:):)

Posted: 2015 Jun 30 9:14:20 PM
spealsycoleman: Gorgeous vibrancy and awesomeness :):)

Posted: 2015 Jun 30 9:45:09 PM
abby-dale: Elegantly captured. Details are superb. God Bless 😊.

Posted: 2015 Jun 30 10:45:01 PM
mariacarmen: I had never seen a flower like this,love it!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Posted: 2015 Jul 1 2:56:46 AM
kmicht: Stunning plant.. wonderful detail 😊😊

Posted: 2015 Jul 1 10:24:40 AM

da chipster:

Original by da chipster

Posted: 2015/06/21
spealsycoleman: Wow such stunnig detail; love it :):)

Posted: 2015 Jun 21 6:11:55 PM
stefpics: Wonderfully detailed, Chipster. Great stuff :)

Posted: 2015 Jun 21 6:27:17 PM
defimage2222: Again beautifully presented in its natural state...great work mr chipster:):):)

Posted: 2015 Jun 21 7:13:33 PM
abby-dale: Elegantly captured UP CLOSE and detailed of the Goliath lilies hon. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! God Bless 😊.

Posted: 2015 Jun 21 8:02:41 PM
rose: Fantastic capture Chip, such a lovely flower! :) :)

Posted: 2015 Jun 21 8:13:52 PM