Location: Zeeland, NL

I live in the Netherlands #Vlissingen my foto's are all made with my phone

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karin :):

Original by karin :)

Posted: 2019/03/24
bigfarmer: Mooi! zo met dat beetje mist! Ik schijn al geen foto meer te kunnen uploaden??

Posted: 2019 Mar 25 9:58:56 AM
_marisol: I'm curious to know how can you still posting photos??? 🤔🤔🙁 What if this all... shut down and all was just April Fool's joke 😁 but the joke was done prematurely. Nice picture and at least one of us are still posting 😊

Posted: 2019 Mar 25 12:49:32 PM
buzohippo: And this is a beautiful photo and place 🌹

Posted: 2019 Mar 25 2:58:08 PM
_alessandro_: Beautiful shot and place, dear Karin!

Posted: 2019 Mar 26 8:08:37 PM
mike p.: 500px works fine for me too (mobile app) just not as much of a discussion forum.

Posted: 2019 Mar 27 1:21:40 AM

karin :):

Original by karin :)

Posted: 2019/03/23
_marisol: I heard about this at 7am this morning and went shock... But they ran out of money so...this is the end of the road. I'm now on Instagram and 500px which is also a photography community. I recommend it. But yeah... what a sad day. Black Saturday 😥

Posted: 2019 Mar 23 10:38:21 PM
buzohippo: So sad! It's been an awesome community and I will terribly miss all the beautiful people here. We need to keep #smfc going on Instagram that's what we must do!

Posted: 2019 Mar 23 10:43:10 PM
ttomzz: ...have been fighting my phone and desktop all afternoon and finally found a way in on my laptop, but I may be pulling my hair out tomorrow. This has hit me really hard right now and I REALLY DON'T want to loose the people I have found here...I have an Instagram account @ttomzz and registered today with 500px...SO will keep trying on here and try to get the other sites up...I consider you Ladies a part of the family so we will talk ... soon

Posted: 2019 Mar 24 12:08:49 AM
jjanner: Karin, will you also be on 500px?

Posted: 2019 Mar 24 4:33:11 AM
el murko: Such a sad day. I recently spotted the only mural/graffiti here and have been meaning to get a photo of it for you. Are you going to move to another platform?

Posted: 2019 Mar 24 5:21:08 AM

karin :):

Original by karin :)

Posted: 2019/03/23
hogman72664 or david: So beautiful, love daisy pics and this is a stunner 😊

Posted: 2019 Mar 23 9:18:23 AM
ttomzz: ...put a smile on first thing this morning!!! Do you know what is happening with FR...I tried several times to load an image and nothing appears...now David says its shutting down??? I'll try again...but my email is vsharp@cfl.rr.com in case we get closed down!!! 🤐

Posted: 2019 Mar 23 10:46:29 AM
el murko: Can't believe that Fhotoroom is closing!!! 😢😢 It's been great to see your photos and your world. Stay in touch if you want, my contact detail are on my profile page. Take care, have a wonderful life and be awesome 😁🤗

Posted: 2019 Mar 23 6:28:24 PM

karin :):

Original by karin :)

Posted: 2019/03/21
el murko: Very cool! Green man?

Posted: 2019 Mar 21 6:31:04 PM
_alessandro_: I love so much the street art!!! Congratulation for all your amazing captures!!!👌👌😘💯💯

Posted: 2019 Mar 21 7:35:20 PM
hogman72664 or david: Such brilliant street art. Thank you so much for sharing so many great murals. 👍

Posted: 2019 Mar 21 8:01:18 PM
cameraal: A fantastic mural!!

Posted: 2019 Mar 21 8:06:45 PM
stefpics2: Prachtig !

Posted: 2019 Mar 22 9:35:43 PM

karin :):

Original by karin :)

Posted: 2019/03/20
hogman72664 or david: Powerful piece. 👍

Posted: 2019 Mar 20 9:23:25 PM
_marisol: How do you find so many murals? Are they all in Vlissingen? All of them are very cool. Wish we had as many murals as you do, but we have only a few. That's a shame as they cheer up everyday life 😍

Posted: 2019 Mar 21 2:19:39 AM

karin :):

Original by karin :)

Posted: 2019/03/19
_marisol: In a B&B? Glass roof? Now what's that??? 🤔 Some kind of an outdoor camping perhaps? Anyhow, must've been a quite awakening 😁

Posted: 2019 Mar 19 9:28:49 PM
el murko: Haha what a great and unusual shot!

Posted: 2019 Mar 20 2:05:33 AM
hogman72664 or david: That's a view you don't see every day 👍😎

Posted: 2019 Mar 20 2:50:04 AM
foxy: prachtig en lief tegelijk......bedankt voor je support en misschien tot ziens elders 👋👋👋🌼

Posted: 2019 Mar 24 6:41:39 PM

karin :):

Original by karin :)

Posted: 2019/03/18
buzohippo: Great find! And I better stay away 😂

Posted: 2019 Mar 19 7:56:41 AM

karin :):

Original by karin :)

Posted: 2019/03/17
el murko: Wow, creepy!!

Posted: 2019 Mar 17 8:39:49 PM
buzohippo: Wouldn't like to spend a night at this museum 🙈

Posted: 2019 Mar 19 7:59:02 AM
buzohippo: Oops, I though I confused something when I sent you the comment, now I know what 🙈

Posted: 2019 Mar 19 8:58:55 PM

karin :):

Original by karin :)

Posted: 2019/03/16
el murko: Great colours! Look forward to seeing some of the murals 😁

Posted: 2019 Mar 16 8:27:36 PM
buzohippo: Looking forward to seeing them all 😁

Posted: 2019 Mar 16 10:17:34 PM
ttomzz: ...so looking forward to seeing them!!! 😎🌴

Posted: 2019 Mar 17 12:13:45 AM
_alessandro_: Amazing photo dear Karin!!!😍👌💯💯💯

Posted: 2019 Mar 19 12:25:45 PM

karin :):

Original by karin :)

Posted: 2019/03/15
el murko: Lol, it does look a bit nippy 😂 Nice shot!

Posted: 2019 Mar 15 11:28:54 PM
ttomzz: ...always finding the perfect angle!!! 😎🌴🎶

Posted: 2019 Mar 16 11:40:55 AM
jjanner: Well, she is wearing the right shoes.

Posted: 2019 Mar 16 1:04:18 PM
fhelge: Mmmmmh, maybe listening to some hot music 😁

Posted: 2019 Mar 16 5:10:29 PM
nick1970: sitting on the end of the dock not even wearing a frock ...

Posted: 2019 Mar 17 9:08:36 AM