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Original by defimage2222

Posted: 2017/12/12
tthomas311: Oh, so sorry, tears welling

Posted: 2017 Dec 12 7:53:06 PM
legend1337: So sorry dee.☹ many prayers to you and your family. Wishing you all the best, friend.

Posted: 2017 Dec 12 8:03:26 PM
phil7264: So sorry to hear your sad news, dee, my deepest condolences to you, friend

Posted: 2017 Dec 12 8:05:28 PM
charmychelle: Oh Dee, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss.. 😢 My thoughts and prayers are with you, Mark Anthony and the rest of your family, I wish you strength through this incredibly difficult time... This is such a wonderful, moving tribute to Paula, I hope you can take comfort in the fact that she is no longer in pain... Much love and hugs my dear friend xxx

Posted: 2017 Dec 12 8:05:28 PM
cameraal: Words cannot express the depths of my sympathy for your loss. My dear friend, you know you can reach out to me if you would like to talk. 💞

Posted: 2017 Dec 12 9:51:54 PM


Original by defimage2222

Posted: 2017/12/11
mariacarmen: Hello, Dee🙋.. Hope you are ok, looks interesting this monument,great choice in b&w

Posted: 2017 Dec 12 1:41:38 AM
ttomzz: ...a longing look!!! 😎

Posted: 2017 Dec 15 12:51:49 PM
mariacarmen: Ohh, sometimes happen to me too, I don't like that😤😬.. Hehe

Posted: 2017 Dec 16 1:29:35 AM


Original by defimage2222

Posted: 2017/12/06
mariacarmen: Hello my dear, Dee👋 .. And as I do not remember this incredible image, I remember perfectly that it was in your profile picture😊, I can clearly see your gallery within this sphere😁hehe, you did a great job here👌 .. Friend I hope you are well ,, greetings from Mexico🙋

Posted: 2017 Dec 6 4:36:51 AM
buzohippo: Wow! incredible 😍

Posted: 2017 Dec 6 9:32:04 AM
_alessandro_: Lovely image my friend!!!😍

Posted: 2017 Dec 6 11:47:17 AM
charmychelle: Wonderful creativity in this image, Dee, great work 👌👌👌 Have a lovely evening my friend! xxx

Posted: 2017 Dec 6 4:55:19 PM
stefpics2: Cool image :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 6 6:03:54 PM


Original by defimage2222

Posted: 2017/12/01
charmychelle: Gorgeous sunset and what a view, I really love rural scenes like this! 😍👍👍

Posted: 2017 Dec 1 9:19:37 PM
gloria siess: wow!

Posted: 2017 Dec 2 2:27:03 AM
ttomzz: ...sshhh, don't tell all your secrets!!! Lovely end of the day shot, planned or not...😎

Posted: 2017 Dec 2 4:26:34 AM
mariacarmen: Wow, this is something different in your gallery, I love seeing a lot of color in this scene🎨, the landscape and the place are wonderful👌well done, Dee

Posted: 2017 Dec 2 4:50:30 AM
cameraal: So beautiful my friend!

Posted: 2017 Dec 2 5:47:25 AM


Original by defimage2222

Posted: 2017/12/01
bigfarmer: Very much like this one Dee and never saw it before (my mistake obviously)! A few is mildly put :-)

Posted: 2017 Dec 1 9:06:30 PM
charmychelle: Yes, there have been a few since the latest updates, and others have mentioned of their photos sometimes being mysteriously deleted... Fhotoroom have been made aware of these problems and apparently they are gradually sorting them out... but they’re still appealing to anyone else who’s had problems to let them know. We shall have to wait and see what happens next if we’re still patient! I remember seeing this pic on a brief visit, but noticed that it had disappeared when I returned later that day. Powerfully dark image, I love it! Wishing you and your family a great weekend, Dee! xxx

Posted: 2017 Dec 1 9:06:55 PM
_alessandro_: Good morning dear friend! Still having problems commenting on the photos! I do not always succeed! Hopefully they will solve all these problems soon! Congratulations on all your wonderful photos! I love them! I hope your wife is better, and I wish you a good weekend!

Posted: 2017 Dec 2 1:03:54 PM
defimage2222: My wife died peacefully in her sleep,on the 2nd of the 12th,2017 in the early hours...,So sorry Alex...,I'm completely shattered..,

Posted: 2017 Dec 6 1:26:47 AM


Original by defimage2222

Posted: 2017/12/01
bigfarmer: SUPERB!!

Posted: 2017 Dec 1 9:06:51 PM
charmychelle: Wonderful image Dee, love the tone you’ve used here. 👌👌👌

Posted: 2017 Dec 1 9:15:32 PM
ttomzz: ...whatever you are doing, don't stop...these are always a welcome sight!!! Really nice here Sir D...😎

Posted: 2017 Dec 2 4:22:45 AM
mariacarmen: Great choice in sepia👍ideal for this season, Wow looks so bright and well detailed🍂🍄

Posted: 2017 Dec 2 4:54:15 AM
hogman72664: Love it :)

Posted: 2017 Dec 2 3:42:42 PM


Original by defimage2222

Posted: 2017/11/21
hogman72664: and how high did the flood waters reach last time? They've already acknowledged that weather patterns are getting worse 😎

Posted: 2017 Nov 21 5:31:12 PM
bigfarmer: Nice info Dee and a very nice shot! I love, for example, the details and colors of the trees in the background and the haze upon it (if I expressed that correctly in my second, but not native, language...)

Posted: 2017 Nov 21 5:49:48 PM
mariacarmen: Thank you for showing this type of building, I was watching carefully, and I thought it was very interesting how they structure a building, let's hope it is resistant to floods👍😊

Posted: 2017 Nov 22 3:13:24 AM
syareha: Hi dee ! How are you ?

Posted: 2017 Nov 24 3:47:23 AM
_alessandro_: I would love to know how your wife is! I wish you a good weekend!

Posted: 2017 Nov 25 6:49:46 AM


Original by defimage2222

Posted: 2017/11/18
mariacarmen: yes, he has much talent👌His strokes are soft and well defined, great work of this great artist👏👏

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 4:31:13 AM
stroppirob: Wow def, your cousin certainly has some talent there, thanks for sharing. I hope to find some way to carry on with the life drawing if i can, it is a fascinating and engrossing artform. My problem has always been lack of confidence but this course has helped me gain the courage to just go for it and actually make some marks on the paper. The experience has been invaluable for any artwork, design or photography etc idk in the future😊

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 1:48:40 PM
bigfarmer: Give your cousin my compliments Dee. Great definition of the muscles and body structure!

Posted: 2017 Nov 19 2:22:57 PM
jerry0522: Your cousin is a natural Dee, looks like creativity runs in the family :) Hope you have an awesome rest of your week my friend!

Posted: 2017 Nov 21 1:18:36 PM
corssaro: Molto bello, singolare dinamica del corpo.

Posted: 2017 Nov 21 5:19:14 PM


Original by defimage2222

Posted: 2017/11/17
_alessandro_: Hi Mark Anthony!!! How are you?

Posted: 2017 Nov 17 10:26:13 PM
charmychelle: Hello Mark Anthony, it’s always wonderful to see you and your smile! 😄 Have a fantastic weekend with your family! xxx 💖 Wonderful portrait, Dee. It is unfortunate that you can’t get out much at the moment but at least you’re still finding interesting things to snap, and you get to practice a bit of portraiture too! ☺️ xxx

Posted: 2017 Nov 17 10:49:56 PM
mokorh: Nice to see you dear friend .. hope you are great night 🌷👍

Posted: 2017 Nov 17 10:52:36 PM
mariacarmen: Hello my friend Mark🙋glad to see you again😊, beautiful portrait, Dee, Mark looks very well, I'm glad to see him very happy👍👍kisses for Mark😘😘

Posted: 2017 Nov 18 12:44:37 AM
kanleyhk: Good morning :D

Posted: 2017 Nov 18 2:01:06 AM


Original by defimage2222

Posted: 2017/11/17
stefpics2: Great edit of this - clearly - racing machine :)

Posted: 2017 Nov 17 8:07:17 PM
charmychelle: Ohhh that’s a very cool ride, I was going to say that it’s perhaps the next Valentino Rossi who owns it! 😎 Also love the choice of edit, great work, Dee! 👍 Have a fantastic weekend my friend! xxx

Posted: 2017 Nov 17 9:03:57 PM
_alessandro_: Amazing shot!!! Very cool!!! Have a great weekend, dear friend!!!

Posted: 2017 Nov 17 9:42:39 PM
mariacarmen: It's fantastic !!👏👏 ... Is it yours or Mark's? ... I love these toys, with this Edit is wonderful👌, it looks so real .. Very good work friend !!👋

Posted: 2017 Nov 18 12:39:35 AM
jerry0522: At first i thought it was a real life size motorcycle lol, It looks perfect to the tones :)

Posted: 2017 Nov 21 1:15:58 PM